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Intercultural Management & Business Communication

Summer School

Working and Succeeding in a Globalized World

Whether you work in an international team in your home country or are part of a virtual team with members scattered across the world, whether you work for a global corporation or a small company doing business in international markets, the ability to work, manage and communicate in culturally diverse settings has become a key skill for college graduates.

Building cultural bridges

The course combines the insights of intercultural theory with the knowledge and practical experience of intercultural interaction in the workplace.

The objective of the seminar is to raise awareness, impart knowledge and develop skills and strategies to deal with, value, and profit from intercultural encounters. It aims to enable students to avoid an essentialist view of people, behaviours and events and develop attitudes, and reflective and behavioural skills which foster successful business communication and intercultural team management.


  • Definitions and perspectives of culture
  • Awareness of own culture and its impact on self
  • Awareness of and strategies for dealing with image of own culture from outside
  • Pitfalls of minimizing and over-emphasizing cultural difference
  • Theories of cultural difference: Overview and critical analysis of key theories of intercultural studies
  • Cultural dimensions
  • Stages of intercultural competence
  • Strategies for developing effective intercultural communication and collaboration skills
  • Cross-cultural negotiation


  • Certificate without assessment, or
  • Certificate with assessment, 5 ECTS (Examination necessary)

The examination type is a groupwork. Students create and deliver a short training session for their peers and hand in a written paper to present the rationale, theoretical background and outcome of the training session.

At a glance

Duration: 3 weeks
Course Date: 08.-26.08.2016
Course Language: English

Admission Requirements:

  • Bachelor students from higher semesters or Master students from all disciplines
  • Fill out the Registration Form
  • Prove of English language skills (Level B2.2)


  • Regulary: 1,070 Euro
  • Students of Partner Schools: 890 Euro
  • Students from SRH: 700 Euro

Fees include refreshment drinks during the course time, course and workshop materials, bus transfers and entrance fees for excursions as well as costs for registration and issuing certificates.

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