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  • 2000: Initiative to found a university by the Turkish business man Erman Tanyildiz

  • Beginning 2001: discussions with the parliaments of Berlin and Brandenburg on the university’s concept; agreement on the aimed profile, development of the study course concepts and curricula by an international expert team coming from universities and companies

  • May 2001: OTA University starts working under the auspice of the non-profit-organisation for vocational education OTA

  • January 2002: Official request for state approval of the university

  • May 2002: State approval by the senate for Education, Youth and Science in Berlin

  • October 2002: For the first time 78 students enrolled at the OTA University

  • 2005: The university under new auspices of the SRH Holding, a non-profit-organisation of educational and health services; restructuring in to a GmbH; FIBAA accredits the study programmes „Business Administration“ and „Information- and Communication Management“; Rita Süssmuth takes over the presidency of the university; in fall, the first students complete successfully their bachelor study programmes.

  • October 2007: OTA university becomes part of the SRH university group; renaming to SRH Hochschule Berlin

  • July 2009: The university is now state-approved and accredited by the scientific advisory council in Cologne.

  • January 2010: Peter Eichhorn follows as the new president; Rita Süssmuth as honorary president remains connected with the university.

  • May 2011: The Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) University Ranking has placed SRH Berlin in the highest tier for international quality, and in strong standing for academic reputation of the faculty.

  • April 2012: FIBAA accredited three new study programmes. Altogether, SRH Hochschule Berlin now offers 13 Bachelor and Master programmes.

  • October 2016: The Scientific Advisory Council extends the institutional reaccreditation from 5 to 10 years

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Tel.: +49 (0) 30 922 535 45
Fax: +49 (0) 30 922 535 55

Vision and mission

The university’s mission statement emphasizes the following objectives, values and tasks.

Honorary board

Our former president Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth and the former president of our university council are among the university's honorary board.