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SRH Universities – Excellence in Education

An excellent education is more than an academic degree. In keeping with our mission statement, we pursue a comprehensive educational standard which is defined not only by the academic competence and professional qualifications it offers; it also helps our students develop their personalities. Our six state-certified universities have approximately 7,000 students and create an integrated and interdisciplinary educational network which features over 70 degree programmes. The combination of classroom-based, part-time, and distance-learning programmes give our students a broad range of choices and meets their individual needs.

SRH University of Finance and Media Calw

The SRH University Calw educates the freelance professionals, entrepreneurs and managers of tomorrow. Bachelor's and Master's degrees are offered in the fields of taxation and auditing, controlling, financial services, and media and communications management. In Calw, special emphasis is placed on working closely with public-sector and private business and media companies. Completing internships in taxation, auditing and media is an integral part of the programme. Beyond that, the University also offers research projects at institutes in the subjects of taxation, social legislation and the media. The University maintains partnerships with international universities and institutes. Calw, the birthplace of the German author Herman Hesse, has much to offer: a picturesque historic district in the heart of the Black Forest, many opportunities for sporting activities and a vibrant art scene.

SRH University of Health Sciences Gera

The SRH University Gera provides training for future managers in the growing field of health sciences. The new established interdisciplinary degree programme in neurological rehabilitation is the only one of its kind in Germany. The university is also a pioneer in the therapy sciences as well as the interdisciplinary study of early childhood intervention, medical education and health psychology. In addition, comprehensive courses in continuing medical education are offered for physicians, nurses and therapists. The University works with the network of SRH clinics as it conducts research and trains its students. The research cluster at this University focuses on the field of health sciences. These close connections within the SRH corporate group give students a special advantage in quality education. As proven professionals with extensive training, they have the best career opportunities in the health services market. Around the university, the city of Gera, birthplace of painter Otto Dix, can be seen from its finest side – whether on a walk through the beautiful gardens of the orangery or whilst taking advantage of its many leisure and cultural activities.

SRH University of Engineering and Technology Hamm

SRH University Hamm has specialized in sectors with outstanding career perspectives – energy management, logistics, and supply chain management. Academic programmes include Bachelor's degrees in industrial engineering, logistics and the energy industry; these degrees can be completed as classroom-based and distance-learning programmes as well as under the dual professional education system. In addition, it offers an on-site degree programme in business administration as well as Master's degree programmes in logistics management and supply chain management. Hands-on professional training makes up a large portion of the degree programmes. Students are integrated into research projects in the industry and at businesses to ensure high levels of practical professional competence. The research cluster at this university focuses on the fields of green logistics and supply chain management. Hamm is a young, creative university town and logistics hub located in Germany's Ruhr district and offers all the advantages of a metropolitan region.

SRH University of Applied Sciences Heidelberg

The SRH University Heidelberg is one of the oldest and largest private universities in Germany, with a modern and architecturally sophisticated campus in one of the country's most attractive cities. At present, there are over 2,300 students enrolled in its six departments. The university offers more than 30 futureoriented Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in the fields of business, computer science, engineering, architecture, social sciences, law, therapy sciences and applied psychology. The broad spectrum of subjects reflects the University's standard of excellent teaching, applied research and continuing scientific education. The research cluster at the University covers research in teaching and learning, innovations in health care and green engineering. Gifted young people are fostered as they develop into independent individuals. Taking advantage of an increasingly mobile world, both students and instructors profit from the many partnerships with international colleges and universities.

SRH Distance Learning University Riedlingen

With its wide selection of programmes, the SRH Distance Learning University Riedlingen gives students a special way to pursue their education. Offered in different forms, the degree programmes are tailored to fit individual circumstances – they can be completed as an alternative to classroom instruction or while students continue to work or attend vocational training programmes. Interdisciplinary instruction is provided in the fields of business administration; health management, social sciences, business psychology, and food management and technology. Learning is efficient and flexible in terms of time and place; students work in small groups and stay in close contact with their professors. Educational success is supported by e-learning programmes and a dense network of academic study centres extending from Berlin to Munich. The research cluster at this University addresses the field of innovative educational learning technologies. The Mobile Learning concept developed by the university for its Master of Business Administration programme is unique in Germany. Modern technologies such as iPads serve as an academic tool, making it possible to have learning content – in the form of a multi-media mix of texts and podcasts – available anytime, anywhere.

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Vision and mission

The university’s mission statement emphasizes the following objectives, values and tasks.

Honorary board

Our former president Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth and the former president of our university council are among the university's honorary board.