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"It simply felt right"

Back to school - that was my decision a few years ago. I left behind Cologne, the beautiful cathedral city, to study Communication Management at SRH Hochschule Berlin.
Why all these changes, even though there are several Universities in Cologne? Because the SRH Hochschule Berlin already convinced me with their web perfomance: small groups, individuality, independence, international scope. The crucial factor for me however, was the personal interview. At this moment I simply followed my instinct. This University is the place for me, it simply felt right.

Our lectures themselves have a professional background and are therefore able to prepare us best for our career. I believe that if one knows what to achieve in life and is able to act and think independently, the support one experiences at SRH Hochschule Berlin, is exactly the right thing. Students are not treated as numbers but have names.

Susanne Schmitz, graduate 2012, Communication Management, B.A.