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Apply for a scholarship

The SRH Hochschule Berlin is an official partner of the "Deutschlandstipendium".

The selection process for 2016 is over. There is not a date for the next selection round yet.

Applications submitted before the beginning of the selection round will not be considered.

* ONLY FOR STUDENTS OF SRH HOTEL-AKADEMIE DRESDEN: The application deadline for the scholarship of Hotel Kempinski is 28.10.2016 *

Who can apply?

You are eligible to apply if you are a listed student of the SRH University Berlin.  You also should...

  • have obtained very good results during your hitherto course of studies,

  • be enrolled furtheron for at least another year,

  • not receiving other sponsoring.

A written application is required to be takein into account in the awarding of a scholarship.

Application documents

We can only take account of complete application documents. Please send the following documents to the SRH Hochschule Berlin:

  • Completed application form
  • Letter of motivation regarding your choice of degree programme (max. two pages DIN A4),
  • Curriculum Vitae in tabular, containing current passport photograph,
  • Notarized copy of the certificate for admission qualification, for foreign certificates a translation transferable to the German grading system,
  • If applicable, proof of special qualification which entitles to studies in the particular degree program at SRH Hochschule Berlin,
  • If applicable, certificate of undergraduate degree,
  • Transcript of grades of current studies,
  • Letter of recommendation from a professor of the respective field of studies or from a teacher of the last post-secondary school,
  • Further proof that may matter for awarding the scholarship (e.g. proof of community service, job references),
  • Certificate of enrolment.

Selection criteria

The SRH Hochschule Berlin awards scholarships according to the scholarship law and the selection criteria defined in the university regulation for awarding the "Deutschlandstipendium".

  • for first-year students the grade point average of their admission qualification under consideration of certain individual scores which are relevant for the particular degree program,
  • for students who have been enrolled for at least one semester their hitherto course achievements, especially obtained ECTS credits, for students in a master degree program the final grade of their undergraduate degree,
  • Letter of recommendation from a professor of the respective field of studies or from a teacher of the last post-secondary school.

To get an overall view of the applicants' potential, further criteria such as personal background, awards, former occupation or internships, extracurricular activities (community service, corporate, social or political commitment, etc.), collaboration with clubs or organizations, the letter of motivation and other personal and familial circumstances will be take into consideration.

General conditions

The start of the sponsorship of selected students is dependent on the sponsors in the Germany Scholarship. The students receive 300€ per month over the period of one year (allowance period), supposing the scholarship holder is enrolled at the SRH Hochschule Berlin for the entire period. An extension of the term – subject to the consent of the sponsor – is possible within the prescribed period of study.

The scholarship is independent of income and therefore can be combined with BAfög. Multiple sponsorships through other sources of aid based on achievements are not permitted. This does not apply, if the amount the student receives per month falls below 30€.

There is no legal claim to the scholarship.

Your reference person

Dr. Andreza Rocha

Tel.: +49 (0)30 374 374 142


Office Hours:

Tuesday-Thursday, 2-4 pm, room H.119