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Research at SRH Hochschule Berlin

At SRH Hochschule Berlin we are convinced research must involve both foundational and application-orientated research. Our research activities are contained in our Research Cluster, “Analysis of Dynamic Changes of Processes and Structures in Business and Society.

Our objective is to examine the impact of dynamic transformative processes and via application-orientated solutions for economic and societal use. Our scientific methodology is quality-orientated and can be further detailed in the following guideline.


10 October 2016: Prof. Dr. Straub has been nominated as a PhD referee by the University Hohenheim.

6 October 2016: Laura-Lee Smith is currently “Visiting Scholar” at New York University’s Program in International Relations until January 2017. During summer 2016, the experience offered Ms. Smith a new outlook on scientific exchange. She made new contacts with faculty for her doctoral research on Afghanistan.

6 October 2016: The autumn doctoral colloquium took place at SRH University Berlin.

26-28 September 2016: The Erasmus+ Cloud and Internet Services with Open Source Software for SMEs (CISOSS) meeting was held at SRH Hochschule Berlin. Hosted by the Institute of Information Systems and Professor Dr. Vladimir Stantchev, the project partners and associated members attended the meeting from Spain, Norway, the United Kingdom and Germany. 

26 September 2016: Prof. Dr. Alexander Wulf received the SRH Hochschule Berlin Research Award. He has been awarded for the acquisition of external funding and his distinguished publications.

7-10 September 2016: Laura-Lee Smith was accepted to the ECPR General Conference 2016 panel on “Corruption and Anti-Corruption Reforms in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Countries” in the section “Peace and Conflict Research”.

23 August 2016: Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Wulf has given a keynote speech (“Law as Part of Managerial Skills. Reform Proposals for Teaching Law to Business Administration and Economics Students”) at the International Conference on Humanistic Education and Law in Shenzhen, China.

16 August 2016: A paper by Tobias Stähler and Trynitie Taylor entitled "Documents And 'their' Actors: An Empirical Pathway For Power-Sensitive Frame Analysis of Political Communication" has been published by TU Berlin as part of the ATLAS.ti conference proceedings.

16 August 2016: An article written by Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès entitled " Im Wettbewerb um Ressourcen und Budget. Marketing versus Vertrieb." was published in the scientific magazine Sales Management Review.

21 - 22 July 2016: Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Wulf presented his paper "What Makes Prosecutors Independent? Analyzing the Determinants of Prosecutorial Independence" (together with Prof. Dr. Stefan Voigt) at the 14th Annual Meeting of the German Law and Economics Association.

20 July 2016: The renowned International Journal of Technology Management published the paper “Coopetition in Corporate Venture Capital: The Relationship between Network Attributes, Corporate Innovativeness, and Financial Performance” written by Baierl et al. in its special issue on coopetition.

19 July 2016: Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch participated in an expert committee organized by the research project “MoPAct‘” (Mobilising the potential of active ageing). MoPAct aims to develop the research and practical evidence which will enable Europe to ensure its ageing population is an asset to society and the economy. More

19 July 2016: An article written by Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès entitled "Trends im Betrieblichen Gesundheitsmanagement" was published at Life Balance Research Publishing.

18 July 2016: Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Wulf presented the paper "What Makes Prosecutors Independent? Analyzing the Determinants of Prosecutorial Independence" (together with Prof. Dr. Stefan Voigt) at the Economic Analysis of Litigation Workshop in Montpellier.

11 July 2016: Prof. Dr. Carsten Schermuly and Carolin Graßmann M.Sc. published a new paper on the side effects of business coaching in the Journal "Coaching: Theorie & Praxis".

7 July 2016: Prof. Straub presents his research about efficient CSR-Communication in the Hospitality Industry at the BEST EN Think Tank in Eberswalde/ Berlin. BEST EN is an inclusive and collaborative network of tourism academics and practitioners committed to the creation and dissemination of knowledge within the field of sustainable tourism. More

1 July 2016: The paper "Psychological empowerment, psychological and physical strain and the desired retirement age" by Carsten C. Schermuly, Victoria Büsch, and Carolin Graßmann was published in the journal "Personnel Review". 

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Coming up

21 - 22 October 2016: SRH professors Bert Eichhorn (Vice President for International Affairs and Vladimir Stantchev (executive director of the Institute of Information Systems) are co-organizers and members of the program board of the Joint International Conference "Economic Challenges: Migration, Globalization, Sustainability, Policies" in Sofia, Bulgaria.

23 November 2016: Prof. Dr. Christina Stecker will be keynote speaker at a conference on the future of work. The conference is organized by the IAA (Institut für Arbeitsforschung und Arbeitspolitik) at the LIMAK Austrian Business School in Linz (Austria).