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31. Oktober 2013: Prof. Dr. Hessel gave a presentation on personalized medecine at the annual meeting of the DGHO, ÖGHO, and SGMO in Vienna.

24. Oktober 2013: Prof. Dr. Ian Towers and Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès published their article "Managing change to avoid unwanted outcomes" in the Journal of Marketing Review St. Gallen.  More 

12. - 13. Oktober 2013: Students of SRH Hochschule Berlin (Jane Cheung, Linda Groot Wassink & Natasha Mohtadi) presented their paper "A solution to procrastination for the new 'Gen Y' Workforce" at the International Conference on Advances in Social Science, Management and Human Behaviour SMHB in Zürich.

09. - 10. Oktober 2013: Prof. Dr. Franz Hessel gave a presentation on "health economic studies on biomarker" at the "Biomarker Europe Summit". The summit addressed the latest developments in the biomarker arena from discovery to translation to commercialization.  More 

10. - 12. September 2013: Prof. Dr. Ian Towers participated with his paper "Become a responsible manager by watching TV" at the conference of the British Academy of Management in Liverpool. The article was written with Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès.  More 

13. - 14. September 2013: Alexander Wulf presented his paper "Jurists, Clerics and Merchants. The Rise of Learned Law in Medieval Europe and its Impact on Economic Growth" at the annual meeting of the German Law and Economics Association in Bolzano.

01. September 2013: Prof. Dr. Franz Hessel published with a team of researchers the paper "Zulassung und Erstattung personalisierter Arzneimittel: Zwischenbilanz des Anpassungsprozesses" in the journal Ethik in der Medizin. More

04. - 10. August 2013: The double-blind reviewed paper by Denise Jeske (student of the program Communication Management) and Prof. Dr. Ternès is accepted for the World Congress of Philosophy in Athens. More

05. August 2013: Anja Saller (SRH Hochschule Berlin) and Niels Frommeyer (Technical University Braunschweig) started their research internships at the SRH Hochschule Berlin. Both will work on projects and gain research experience within the next few months.

04. - 06. July 2013: Prof. Dr. Towers participated at the EGOS Colloquium in Montreal with his paper „Learning how to be a modern manager while sitting on the sofa: The role of television in diffusing and legitimising management practices”. More

01. July 2013: Prof. Dr. Schermuly wrote the paper "The adaptive use of recognition in group decision making" with colleagues from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. The article will be published in the Cognitive Science.

18. June 2013: The German Research Foundation (DfG) acknowledged SRH Hochschule Berlin's guidelines on good research practice. 

17. June 2013: Prof. Dr. Seisreiner held a presentation on "Demographic change and human resource" at the conference of the GDL works council in Berlin.  More 

17. - 21. June 2013: Fabian Pittke participated at the conference BPMDS/CAiSE in Valencia with his paper "Spotting Terminology Deficiencies in Process Model Repositories".

13. - 15. June 2013: Tobias Stähler participated at the 5th NAPOKO Colloquium for 'Political Communication' with a paper on "Power Transformation in German Parliamentary Journalism". More 

31. May - 01. June 2013: Prof. Dr. Ternès joined the conference "How Global Workforce Diversity Migration Changes the Equation" in Los Angeles, USA. The article "Innovation through Integration: Digital Start-ups as
Employers for People with Migration Background" (written with Nina Krey from Louisiana Tech University) has been selected and was presented.  More

18. - 20. May 2013: Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès participated at the 2nd Global Conference “Responsible Living - reflecting on the ethical issues of everyday life”, from 18th - 20th May in Prague. Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternes contributed with her double-blind peer-reviewed article, "Storytelling - How can storytelling improve sustainable thinking and acting in companies". 

17. - 19. April 2013: Prof. Dr. Ian Towers took part at the 15th IAMB (International Academy of Management and Business) Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. His presentation was on change management with the title: "Organizational Change: Processes and Levels".

18. - 19. April 2013: Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternes was appointed to the Science Board of the International Conference "The knowledge-based organization in the era of globalization and internationalization". The conference took place 18th - 19th April in Poprad, Slovenia. In addition, Professor Ternes introduced her peer-reviewed article: "Management of crisis situations: employee communication in the Internet".

12. April 2013: The article "LMX and innovative behavior: The mediating role of psychological empowerment" of Prof. Dr. Carsten Schermuly et al. was accepted by the peer-reviewed Journal of Applied Psychology.

20. March 2013: Doctoral Colloquium at the SRH Hochschule Berlin. The Ph.D. students meet and discuss their work.

13. - 16. March 2013: Prof. Dr. Tamm participated at the IADIS e-Society 2013 conference in Lisbon, Portugal. His peer-reviewed article "Analysis and comparison of existing maturity models for business processes." (along with Bachelor graduates of the SRH Hochschule Berlin, Lisa Hamman and Sascha Kämpfer) is accepted and will be published in the International Journal of Interactive Technology and Smart Education (ITSE).

12. March 2013: Prof. Dr. Hessel held a lecture at the annual meeting of the German Society for Health Economics DGGÖ in Essen. He presented a company project with students of SRH Hochschule Berlin, in which an online survey of willingness to pay for a new screening test for colorectal cancer was conducted via facebook.

16. February 2013: The peer-reviewed article "Planned change and unintended outcomes: the challenges of change management in marketing" by Prof. Dr. Ian Towers has been accepted by the journal Marketing Review St. Gallen and is published in 2013.

15. February 2013: Prof. Dr. Ternès is accepted in the Excellence Project: PROFEM - professura feminea. This is a coaching project of BTU Cottbus and the Lausitz University of Applied Science (FH) for women with the career goal professor. On 15th February the Kick-off event is held in Cottbus.

07. - 10. January 2013: An article of Prof. Dr. Gerrit Tamm and Prof. Dr. Vladimir Stantchev was accepted for the 46th HICSS Conference. Furthermore, Prof. Tamm conducted a workshop about Cloud-Computing, focusing on Software as a Service (SaaS) marketplaces.

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Coming up

21 - 22 October 2016: SRH professors Bert Eichhorn (Vice President for International Affairs and Vladimir Stantchev (executive director of the Institute of Information Systems) are co-organizers and members of the program board of the Joint International Conference "Economic Challenges: Migration, Globalization, Sustainability, Policies" in Sofia, Bulgaria.

23 November 2016: Prof. Dr. Christina Stecker will be keynote speaker at a conference on the future of work. The conference is organized by the IAA (Institut für Arbeitsforschung und Arbeitspolitik) at the LIMAK Austrian Business School in Linz (Austria).