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SRH Berlin Research Departments

Contractual Management Institute (CMI Berlin)

The goal of CMI Berlin is to investigate and facilitate the potential of management contracts with respect to transactions. A central priority is to ensure the teaching of correct management techniques as well as development of concepts of management processes and the integration of Risk, Transaction and Information Management in business practice.
Additionally, empirical knowledge should increase making contracts more applicable to actual business practice.

Institute of Information Systems

The objectives of the Institute for Business Informations is the optimisation of business processes and re-creating organisational structures. The institute combines the skills and expertise of our experts in areas of IT-Governance, Innovations Management as well as the future fields of Cloud Computing, E-Business, Social Media and Cooperation Networks.

International Institute of Sustainability Management (IISM)

At the IISM sustainability is understood as long-term efficacy as well as balance between industrial, societal, cultural and economical systems.
IISM focuses on areas of Change Management, Marketing Communication, Intercultural Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Energy. The objective of the institute is to address the current and future interdisciplinary and interconnected demands and challenges.

Silver Workers Research Institute (SWRI)

The SWRI works in cooperation with the Leuphana University in Lüneburg. The institute concentrates on uncovering solutions to challenges that present as a result of demographic change with specific consideration for those that present in the area of business management. Of particular interest is the recognition of the hidden potential in retirement-age employees.

Institute for Management and Organisation Studies (IMOS)

The IMOS focuses on the analysis of the social and business consequences of established instruments in management practice and research. Therefore, issues such as responsibility, ethics, rationality and effective guidance of social systems, are on the focus of the research activities. The IMOS supports through its interdisciplinary and practice-oriented analysis companies and entrepreneurs on their forward-looking management and organizational challenges.

The Institute of Service Management (IDM Dresden)

The Institute of Service Management is a dedicated research institute of the SRH Hochschule Berlin at Campus Dresden. A special focus of our research approach is given to questions of the tourism industry as a major driver and the underlying understanding of its part in the service industry.

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Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch
President of SRH Hochschule Berlin

Tel.: +49 30 374 374 310
Fax: +49 30 374 374 375

E-Mail: victoria.buesch@srh-hochschule-berlin.de

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