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Research Projects

Effects of Personalised Treatment Strategies in Oncology

This project analyzed the impact of personalised medical technologies and development within the pharmaceutical industry as well as the pricing and regulatory processes associated with implementing such technologies.

In cooperation with the University of Bochum, University of Duisburg-Essen, and the Hannover Medical School

Project Contact:
Prof. Dr. Franz Hessel

More about the project (in German only)

Practising Risk Management

Empirical census data regarding practical Risk Management in both Germany and Turkey have been reported. Using this data Risk Management Systems for SMEs have been developed. Users of this system include companies conducting or who wish to conduct business between the two countries.

In cooperation with Marmara University in Istanbul

Project Contact: Prof. Dr. Bert Eichhorn

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Crisis Management in Hospitals

The Crisis Management project analysed the behaviour of professionals in the areas of energy, medicine, IT-systems and Human Resources in the face of dynamic, simulated risk situations. Data and information was gathered in workshops and then used to develop and implement decision-making tools that can be used my management personnel.

Project Contact: Prof. Dr. Ronald Glasberg

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Via the development of sensor-based solutions, faultless monitoring of physical posture during daily activities is made possible. Thanks to the intelligent combination of Real-Time feedback via smartphone and an embedded online coaching system individuals suffering from back pain and postural problems can be receive constant assistance.

Project Contact: Prof. Dr. Vladimir Stantchev

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Optimal use of smart item technologies in stationary care (OPSIT)

In order to ensure quality in areas of essential health care tailored technical solutions are being developed. Particularly in the area of stationary care optimal implementation of specific Smart-Items Technologies are receiving support.

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, the Technical University in Berlin, EnOcean GmbH, SysCom electronic GmbH and WIBU-SYSTEMS AG

Project Contact: Prof. Dr. Gerrit Tamm

More about the project

Development of the Working Life of Engine Drivers in Germany (LF2030)

Rudolpho Duba / pixelio.de

The tasks of engine drivers have changed dramatically since the first days of railway in Germany. This is due to a changing working environment (technological, organizational, societal and sociological). Thus, analyzing and structuring these influential aspects might be essential to understand the status quo of engine drivers’ employment and to forecast the future tasks of engine drivers, potentially.

Project Contact:
Prof. Dr. Achim Seisreiner

Your contact person

Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch
President of SRH Hochschule Berlin

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Coming up

28 October 2016: Prof. Dr. D. Hagen gives a presentation on “Matchmaking - Innovative approaches for emotionalizing interaction formats in the meeting industry" at the 8th conference on event research at the TU-Chemnitz. The conference proceedings will be published by Springer Gabler Verlag.

23 November 2016: Prof. Dr. Christina Stecker will be keynote speaker at a conference on the future of work. The conference is organized by the IAA (Institut für Arbeitsforschung und Arbeitspolitik) at the LIMAK Austrian Business School in Linz (Austria).