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Perspectives in Entrepreneurship (M.A.)

Visionary personalities

The start-up scene offers attractive job opportunities for those who want to put their ideas into practice, work independently in small teams and strive to play an active role in realising innovation and start-up projects.

The Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship equips you with the
required knowledge and abilities to work in the following job positions: 

  • Self-employed owner of your company,
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Director of Business Development or other responsible management positions in start-ups
  • Successor in an SME or family business
  • Business analyst or consultant in a venture capital firm or a financial services provider
  • Innovation Management or International Marketing in high-tech firms
  • Public sector (e.g. a regional manager or market developer, etc.)

Depending on their professional background, Master‘s of Entrepreneurship graduates work in industries directly related to technology and innovation. They put their own business ideas into practice or work in booming sectors such as mobile and internet services, bio-tech, renewable energy, tourism or consumer goods.

Graduates Entrepreneurship, M.A., 2014

One step ahead

A Master’s degree from SRH Hochschule Berlin is not only an excellent foundation for tackling management tasks in industry but also a step on the path towards a doctoral degree.

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Prof. Dr. Bert Eichhorn
Programme Director

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