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Programme Details, Entrepreneurship (M.A.)

The Master's degree programme in Entrepreneurship is organized as a phase-model based upon four semesters of study. Each semester is divided into modules.


1. Semester - Conceptual Development

Modul 1: Creativita & Innovation Management
Modul 2: Law for Entrepreneurs
Modul 3: Business Analysis & Planning
Modul 4: Scientific Writing  Presentation Techniques
Modul 5: Entrepreneurial Skills I - Mindset, Action & reflection
Modul 6a: Start-Up Lab - Technology-/Service-Based Topics I
Modul 6b: Start-Up Lab - Social-Based Topics 

2. Semester - Business Modelling

Modul 7: Entrepreneurial Strategy & Business Model Generation
Modul 8: Entrepreneurial Marketing
Modul 9: Information Systems & E-Business
Modul 10: Quanitative & Qualitative Research Methods
Modul 11: Entrepreneurial Skills II - Building & Leading Teams
Modul 12a: Start-Up Lab - Technology-/Service-Based Topics II
Modul 12b: Start-Up Lab - Social-Based Topics II

3. Semester - Business Implementation

Modul 13: Entrepreneurial Operations & Production Management
Modul 14: Entrepreneurial Finance & Risk Management
Modul 15: Economics & Entrepreneurial Eco-Systems
Modul 16: Master Seminar
Modul 17: Entrepreneurial Skills III - Negotiation & Conflict Management
Modul 18a: Start-Up Lab - Technology-/Service-Based Topics III
Modul 18b: Start-Up Lab - Social-Based Topics III

4. Semester - Business Growth

Modul 19: Global Strategic Management
Modul 20a: Start-Up Lab - Technology-/Service-Based Topics IV
Modul 20b: Start-Up Lab - Social-Based Topics IV
Modul 21: Master Seminar

In the framework of their Master Thesis, the students will have the chance to examine a key issue dealing with the creation of their own company.

The Lifecycle Structure

The academic concept of the Master’s programme ”Entrepreneurship” at SRH Hochschule Berlin puts a particular emphasis on company formation and equips future founders with all the necessary resources that they need for a successful start into the world of business.

Based on the lifecycle of a company founder, our students will be provided with the required knowledge to analyze and evaluate processes in the light of:

  • 1st Semester - organization and conceptual development
  • 2nd Semester - development of a sophisticated business model
  • 3rd Semester - foundation of an enterprise, and
  • 4th Semester - completion of a master thesis through „Master Thesis & Colloquium“.

Furthermore, students will receive essential practical, theoretical and methodological tools to implement the gained knowledge.

Accelerate your ideas

With its individualised coaching approach and business lifecycle-oriented structure, the programme offers the best conditions to bring creative business ideas to life. In addition to the curriculum, other programme features allow the effective combination of entrepreneurial activities and studying:

  • Within the scope of the programme, students are offered the possibility of transforming a business idea into a real start-up project or actively participating in one. Students are supported and guided in these activities by the academic body and by qualified experts.
  • Students are offered the chance to present their business concepts to potential investors and exclusive venture capital partners - a pitch takes place at the end of the second term where a jury of experts and investors evaluate students’ proposals.
  • Within the Entrepreneurship programme attendance times are adjusted to the needs of active company founders. Block seminars keep you flexible and provide enough space for the realisation of your own projects.

Students benefit from mutual exchange of ideas and experiences. Following graduation they remain in contact with their fellow students and instructors through the university alumni network and regular networking events.

Your reference persons

Birgit-Maria Blumenau, M.A.

Student Office

Tel.: +49 30 374 374 144
Fax: +49 30 374 374 375



Prof. Dr. Bert Eichhorn
Programme Director

Tel.: +49 30 374 374 510
Fax: +49 30 374 374 375


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