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Success Stories

Entrepreneurial success requires more than just a great idea. In addition to subject-specific knowledge, the necessity of early development of a network with partners, investors, and industry leaders is very important.

SRH Hochschule Berlin ensures that students of the Master’s programme in Entrepreneurship have opportunities to realise their business ideas in a start-up project. Students receive guidance and support throughout this process from professors and the experts of the advisory board.

Since the first group of young innovators and start-up enthusiasts began to study MA Entrepreneurship in Winter 2012, many have completed their academic studies successfully. Discover some examples of firms that were found from graduates during and after their studies:


The human resources company - Wunschkandidaten (“Dream Candidate”) - enables the connection between Europe’s most talented IT-specialists and Germany’s multi-faceted job market. With the help of a Europe-wide university network, the young enterprise wishes to distribute foreign professionals and provide candidates structured and transparent work migration experience. Of particular importance to Wunschkandidaten is the appropriate matching of foreign professionals to serious employers and ensuring that they receive fair compensation.


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Promoting education through social entrepreneurship

       Our graduates (and their start-up EduOwl) believe that a globalized world works better if everyone has the chance to get a good education. For this reason they have created a crowdfunding platform that supports caring and reliable communities around the world in

  • building schools
  • training local teachers
  • providing education to curious students

 If you want to know more or make a donation (in-kind donations are welcome) you can check out the organization’s website.

RETAS Medical Assistance

Your health is our responsibility - with this motto RETAS Medical Assistance promotes their capacities in the Russian Federation.

The business concept: Providing both information and access to medical services and interventions available in Germany to Russian patients. The portfolio includes the full spectrum of health services, treatment options and medical advice.

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Game Developer Studio "Bearhands"

The game developer studio, Bearhands, was founded in January 2015. We create high quality and unique video games. Our  first game is GrandValues: Monaco - a console game for Xbox One and Playstation4 which will be released in August 2016. With Grand Values: Monaco we have created a digital video game made of three coherent episodes that will be distributed purely online in a digital format. The game has a distinctive visual style and a fascinating story, while distinguishing itself further from other indie games with its atypical high quality. We will use the generated revenues from selling digital copies of the respective episodes for slowly raising our team to enable new projects and of course to create a sustainable developer studio for entertainment software.

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Prof. Dr. Bert Eichhorn
Programme Director

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