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International Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts (German or English)

CHE ranking 2014: Germany's most important university-ranking confirms excellent study conditions at SRH Hochschule Berlin. The university is in the top group in 4 out of 5 categories. More

New curriculum: SRH Hochschule Berlin stands for innovative study programs. Therefore, our programmes have just been updated and improved. The accreditation agency FIBAA has reaccredited all of our Bachelor programs, (re-)confirming their high level of quality. The change of the title from "Business Administration" to "International Business Administration" reflects the increased intercultural focus. Beginning with the spring/summer semester 2014, new students will be enrolled in this improved programme.

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Essential in Company

Qualify yourself for managerial tasks within an international environment. In the study programme Business Administration you will get to know and design functional areas of companies. Beside subject-specific qualifications, our university has the comprehension for links and the so called soft skills.

We are internationally oriented. Our students and lecturers come from different cultures.

Learning by watching: online learning units

Prof. Dr. Ian Towers, programme director Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Ian Towers, programme director Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch

How to be good manager by watching TV

How does a good manager know how to manage? How are new management ideas like corporate social responsibility or sustainabilty spread? Prof. Dr. Ian Towers talks about which role television play in spreading knew ideas or management techniques.

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Marketing in Social Media Communities

Marketers has been always excited about the internet. Now they get even more excited about the internet and the opportunities that are beeing offered to them by web 2.0.
Prof. Dr. Ian Towers, professor of business administration, talks about what marketers can do with web 2.0 to market their products in social communities.

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Populäre Irrtümer des demografischen Wandels

Der demografische Wandel ist in aller Munde. Doch was ist überhaupt der demografische Wandel? Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch, erklärt es und hilft bei der Aufklärung der populärsten Irrtümer zu dem Thema.

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Think outside the box

In our bachelor studies we convey inter disciplinary basics in business administration, economics and law. We explain complex connections with the fundamentals of philosophy, social sciences and contemporary history.

You deepen the specialist fields Marketing, Financing, Controlling, Management and Strategic Management.

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The perfect sharpening

At our institution you learn to tackle and solve problem in various ways. We attach value to improve your organizational and communicational skills. In projects, praxis phases and with the Bachelor thesis you deepen your learning progress.

You will graduate with the academic degree Bachelor of Arts. The diploma supplement is documenting your studies according to international standards.

Your reference person

Birgit-Maria Blumenau, M.A.

Student Office

Tel.: +49 30 374 374 144
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Prof. Dr. Ian Towers
Programme Director

Tel.: +49 30 374 374 340


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