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The Bachelor's programme "International Business Administration, Focus on Finance (B.A.)" provides fundamental knowledge about economy and management while focussing on theoretical and practical aspects of the finance and banking sector. Course language is English.

This programme is in the process of being accredited by FIBAA.

Study Concept

The organisational framework ensures programme quality while still providing students with freedom and challenging them to take the initiative, be autonomous and create their own profiles. A main objective of SRH Hochschule Berlin’s study programme is to strike a balance between flexible studies and structure. At SRH Hochschule Berlin virtual applications such as web-based learning platforms are fundamentally integrated into the educational concept. However, intensive studies on campus remain the main pillar of the programme.

Real world application of theoretical knowledge plays a major role at our university. We equally combine theory and practice in a productive fashion. Using life-long learning principles, this graduate programme prepares students for professional careers and imparts fundamental knowledge.

A Bachelor programme consists of 6 – 7 semesters and is organised as follows:

• 2 terms of 14 weeks each, a subsequent examination period of 3 weeks and the semester break of 5 weeks
• company and study project during the semester in the 2nd year of study
• Bachelor thesis in the 3rd year of study (duration 8 weeks)
• At least 8 weeks of internship (in Germany or abroad) in the 3rd year of study

Studies start in winter or summer semester, respectively. In exceptional cases students may start their studies up to one month later. When starting in winter semester, the regular duration of the study programme is 6 semesters. If you start in summer semester, you will follow the seventh term foreign competency model. This model encourages students to go abroad to a partner university or an internship during the third semester.

The combination of classroom instruction, supervised work groups and self-study is intended to make students more proactive and independent. Group projects with different topics, durations and compositions enhance teamwork and conflict management skills.
In order to structure your studies on our university Moodle platform you will need your own laptop. During the introduction week, all organisational issues will be explained in detail.

CHE ranking 2014: Germany's most important university-ranking confirms excellent study conditions at SRH Hochschule Berlin. The university is in the top group in 4 out of 5 categories. More

Learning by watching: online learning units

Prof. Dr. Ian Towers, programme director Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Ian Towers, programme director Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch

How to be good manager by watching TV

How does a good manager know how to manage? How are new management ideas like corporate social responsibility or sustainabilty spread? Prof. Dr. Ian Towers talks about which role television play in spreading knew ideas or management techniques.

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Marketing in Social Media Communities

Marketers has been always excited about the internet. Now they get even more excited about the internet and the opportunities that are beeing offered to them by web 2.0.
Prof. Dr. Ian Towers, professor of business administration, talks about what marketers can do with web 2.0 to market their products in social communities.

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Populäre Irrtümer des demografischen Wandels

Der demografische Wandel ist in aller Munde. Doch was ist überhaupt der demografische Wandel? Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch, erklärt es und hilft bei der Aufklärung der populärsten Irrtümer zu dem Thema.

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