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International Communication Management, Bachelor of Arts (German)

The summer term begins April, 7th, 2015.

CHE ranking 2014: Germany's most important university-ranking confirms excellent study conditions at SRH Hochschule Berlin. The university is in the top group in 4 out of 5 categories. More

New curriculum: SRH Hochschule Berlin stands for innovative study programs. Therefore, our programmes have just been updated and improved. The accreditation agency FIBAA has reaccredited all of our Bachelor programs, (re-)confirming their high level of quality. The change of the title from "Communication Management" to "International Communication Management" reflects the increased intercultural focus. Beginning with the spring/summer semester 2014, new students will be enrolled in this improved programme.

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Learn today how to communicate tomorrow

"Here you will find your study goal if you want to become media manager, communication expert, business counsultant or PR professional."

The internationally known journalist and TV moderator Prof. Dr. Dieter Kronzucker, as head of the study course communication management, conveys the necessary know- and do-how.

Nowadays companies need communication managers and strategists who have interdisciplinary knowledge and various abilities at their disposal.

Learning by watching: online learning units

Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternés, programme director communication management

Prof. Dr. Ian Towers

Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternés, programme director communication management


Our whole life is about games we play. But what has that to do with business? Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès talks about gamification as one of the hottest communication tools.

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Marketing in Social Media Communities

Marketers has been always excited about the internet. Now they get even more excited about the internet and the opportunities that are beeing offered to them by web 2.0.
Prof. Dr. Ian Towers, professor of business administration, talks about what marketers can do with web 2.0 to market their products in social communities.

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Sustainability Marketing

Sustainability Marketing has been a trend for many years now and it's mostly conntected to renewable energies and the like. Nowadays more and more companies decide to use this for their marketing. Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès, explains the concept of sustainability marketing.

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Our credo: Transformation, transparency, team spirit

The contents of our study programme is revised permanently. You will profit from this ongoing process and obtain valuable information for a formative carrer kick off.

For us, the outstanding credo of modern corporate communication is transparency. You will learn how to define and address your audience, and to provide desired information.

Good teamwork is essential. Working in a team, students will take different roles. They distinguish themselves as leader, coordinator or researcher. In this way they will gain hard skills as well as soft skills througout the intensive three year programme.

Teamwork on the university terrace

Your reference persons

Sabrina Pietruschka
Student Office

Phone: +49 30 374 374 374

Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternés
Programme Director

Phone: +49 30 374 374 350

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