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Programme contents, Communication Management B.A. (German)

The Communication Management Study Model

The accredited study model will give you greater educational opportunities so you can pursue higher education standards.

Basic, core, and project modules will further boost your communication career. You will find more information at the download sector.

In communication management, three types of modules build up a special arrangement of studies:

Basic modules provide profound knowledge for up-to-date communication managers. They combine a range of subjects from important disciplines like economics, empirics, human resources etc.

Core modules are the very heart of the study programme. They all share the methods of subjects as communication, management und technology and cover the media market, PR, CRM as well as journalistic issues.

Project modules are advanced courses taught in small groups. They have strong ties to the practice. The good news is that the SRH University brings together all its students to form unique teams, working on these projects.


Special study contents

"Personal Media Profiling" course: micro practice

  • Personal Media Profiling
  • Resort Projects in English and German manguage
  • Scientific projects for interested students
  • Integrated Internship
  • Excursions (e.g. Bombardier, Philips, ECE)
  • Instructors from practice (e.g. Mathieu van den Hoogenband - Weleda, Jörg Howe - Daimler)
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Special events (e.g. succession services, entrepreneurial parliament BJU, visit to talk shows)
  • Networking-events
  • WorkshopS and special courses

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Sabrina Pietruschka
Student Office

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Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternés
Programme Director

Phone: +49 30 374 374 350

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