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International Management, Master of Arts (English)

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CHE ranking 2014: Germany's most important university-ranking confirms excellent study conditions at SRH Hochschule Berlin. The university is in the top group in 4 out of 5 categories. More

New curriculum: SRH Hochschule Berlin stands for study programmes which take into account the current demands of the international job market and which offer great prospects for your future career. The accreditation agency FIBAA recognizes the high quality and success rate of our Masters programme and has therefore reaccredited the International Management Master, certifying its excellent achievements in the following areas: international and intercultural focus, foreign language offerings, the programme's visibility in the education market, international focus, communication skills and conflict resolution, organization and administrative support, career service, and overall competencies. In addition, the internationality of our student body was recognized by FIBAA as outstanding.

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New Programme Opportunities!

New Areas of Applied Focus: In addition to our study modules focusing on the five fundamental areas of International Management, our programme now also offers students the option of choosing an area of applied focus. Students can choose from an applied focus in marketing, information management, or finance. Alternately, they can choose a different area each semester and graduate without an applied focus. See our programme details for more information!

New Pre-Master's Programme: We are now offering students the opportunity to improve their English language skills in a 6-week English course. This Pre-Master's programme is designed for students who do not fulfill the requirements for direct acceptance into our Master's programme. We also offer an optional German course (3 weeks, Level A1.1) for all students who want to make an easier transition into Berlin life. See here for more information! 

Management career in a leadership position

The Master's degree in International Management offers a comprehensive programme that prepares you for an international career.

The two year study programme includes innovation management to incorporate technological foresight, commercialization and the protection of intellectual property in decision-making processes. Estimating and evaluating corporate risk, risk management in value creation and finance, and continental-European / Anglo-American law and company law are integral parts of our International Management degree.

A Master’s degree from SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin is an excellent foundation for tackling management tasks in industry or for realizing your academic aspirations towards a doctoral thesis.

Elements of our programmes combine:

  • Project-based study
  • Real-life project work
  • Modern training

International competencies are demanded

Former Weleda CEO Mathieu van den Hoogenband in a Master-Workshop at SRH Hochschule Berlin: Excellence within your grasp.

Today, operating on international levels is required in almost every economic sector and area.

Only with the necessary knowledge in global management such as intercultural management and European & international legal framework for foreign trade can you bring international business relations to a successful conclusion. The know-how that is essential for contractual agreements is presented in the subject area of contract management such as law on contract design, negotiation, conflict management, international private law & comparison of legal orders. You will obtain the necessary background knowledge on contracts that non-lawyers require to close international deals and sustain good business relations.

All these contents are embedded in a sequence of real-life projects and are presented during project development and project work. The projects are characterized by work with interdisciplinary case studies of differing topics.

Learning by watching: online learning unit

Prof. Dr. Bert Eichhorn, programme director International Management

CKM Model Berlin

Every manager of a company has to understand the risk/reward profile of a business opportunity. He wants to decide whether a particular opportunity is worth pursuing or a particular risk is worth taking. The CKM Model Berlin, explained by Prof. Dr. Bert Eichhorn, is about how a manager can use contracts to manage particular risk in the face of legal uncertainty.

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Top 5 Reasons to Study International Management at SRH Berlin

International Scope

        All of our programmes (abroad and in Berlin) prepare you for a career on the global stage. A large number of our faculty come from international backgrounds and our M.A. student body is 85% international, which means you will be exposed to diverse perspectives whether you choose to stay in Berlin or go abroad during the course of your studies. Our extensive international network of partner universities provides you with further opportunities to broaden the scope of your studies and we encourage all of our students to spend a semester abroad.

Individual Attention

        SRH Berlin provides you with the close, individual attention that cannot be found at larger, public institutions of higher education. Because of our small class sizes, faculty get to know each student individually and there are plenty of opportunities for students to work on projects and publications with individual faculty members.

Quality of Teaching

Our faculty members are experts in the fields of Business Administration, Intercultural Affairs, and Law. Their extensive research publications make them an excellent resource for students and students often have the chance to collaborate with them on new publications. Course materials focus on case studies from real-life business scenarios so that not only theory but also practical and experiential learning are emphasized throughout our programmes.

Business Networking Opportunities

        Our extensive network of international partner universities, our expert faculty, and our diverse student body will provide you with ample opportunities for business networking. Berlin is one of Europe’s most dynamic economic centers and offers you the possibility to network with small, entrepreneurial start-ups as well as established international companies that have their headquarters in the city. If you choose to take part in one of our Tripartite programmes, you will make contacts with faculty and businesses in major international centers of commerce and economics (such as Paris, Madrid, and Dublin). Internships and company projects also form a central cornerstone of your studies at SRH Berlin so that when you graduate you will have a solid network of students, faculty, and business contacts.

Internship and Career Services

All of our Master’s students take part in an internship during their second academic year. This serves as preparation for a professional career and allows you to use your newly acquired knowledge in an application-oriented manner. Furthermore, you will have the chance to create and implement corporate business solutions in a real-life company project. In this way, students gain insight into the challenges of entrepreneurial business and will graduate with two years of business experience on their CVs – a great way to enter the professional job market!

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