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New: Areas of Applied Focus! We are now offering students the option of choosing an area of applied focus, either in marketing, information management, or finance. Alternately, they can choose a different area each semester and graduate without an applied focus. See below for more details!


It is our goal to prepare you for a successful career in the field of international management. In a world shaped by technical, intercultural and global dynamics, managers are expected to possess an analytical and networked mindset and apply it within the context of a global economy and international trade. Independence, creativity, intercultural communication, and the ability to solve a wide range of corporate problems are imperative skills in today’s business world. Our Master's programme in International Management prepares you for all of these tasks by providing you with an international perspective and a strong theoretical background, as well as concrete skills and work experience. 

Management Areas of Study

Our study programme emphasizes all aspects of modern leadership and helps you to gain detailed knowledge of corporate governance. The programme covers five fundamental areas of international management: leadership & global management, risk management, contract management, innovation management, and project management. The international and interdisciplinary aspects of management in these areas remain in focus throughout your entire studies. Special emphasis is placed on awareness about the legal framework, due to the increasing impacts of national and international, as well as governmental and societal requirements on corporate actions. For more details about study modules, please see our course catalogue here.

Business Experience and Networking Skills

Alongside the above-mentioned areas of study, students also gain hands-on business experience and networking skills through internships, company projects, and Master’s theses. In this way, theory and application are strongly linked throughout the duration of the programme. While working on company projects, students create and implement corporate business solutions, thus gaining insight into the challenges of entrepreneurial business and experience for their future careers. During the internship, newly acquired knowledge and proficiencies are employed in an application-oriented manner. Finally, and often integrated directly with the internship, the Master’s thesis allows each student to pull together all areas of knowledge and work experience into a professional document ready for presentation and publication. For more on business and networking skills as well as career opportunities through our programme, see here.

NEW! Areas of Applied Focus

New! Students can now choose from three areas of applied focus – marketing, information management, or finance. Alternately, students can also graduate without an applied focus by simply choosing a different area each semester (for example healthcare management, contractual management, and so on, depending on the courses being offered).

  • The marketing focus examines issues in the area of marketing strategy, consumer behavior, and market research. 
  • Information management identifies information as a key organisational resource and ultimately prepares students for decision-making positions in international organisations, corporations and fast-paced startups.
  • The third area of finance deals with questions that are fundamental to the survival and success of businesses, such as how to raise capital and finance business activities, choose between projects on the basis of future value, and manage cash flow and liquidity.

Programme Cornerstones


Duration of studies: 2 years
Course Language: English
Degree: Master of Arts

Course modules by semester

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