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Career Opportunities, International Management M.A.

Our Master's Degree prepares you for a career in growing international professions such as compliance manager, contract manager and risk manager. You may begin your professional career as a departmental staff member with expert status, as a divisional line manager, or - upon further qualification - continue as a global manager with direct entry into top management.

At our university, students forge bridges between studying and employment so that the usual difficulties in going on the job market are avoided. Within the framework of our company projects, students have the opportunity to acquire the competencies required on the job market and throughout their future employment. Throughout all 4 study semesters, students gain employment-relevant abilities such as networking skills, IT knowledge, and management competencies. Students now also have the choice of three areas of applied focus - marketing, information management, or finance - which further prepare them for the job market (see here for more).

Throughout their entire course of studies, students will be advised on career-related matters. Starting with an assessment of their knowledge during orientation week, academic status reports will monitor the student’s development during the two years of the programme. This academic support will be accompanied by events such as information sessions on further language training and the acquisition of applied skills, which take place at varied points throughout your studies. For more information, please see our M.A. Career Services Timeline.



Graduates International Management, M.A., 2014

Programme Steps to Success

Step 1: Company Projects

Genuine company projects are assigned to our Berlin programme students throughout their four semesters. Our aim is to provide students with realistic and increasingly challenging corporate tasks. In our company projects, students create and implement corporate business solutions so that they gain insight into the challenges of entrepreneurial business and experience for their future careers.

Examples for Company Projects 2013

1. SRH at brainLight Headquarters, Aschaffenburg
2. Conducting Surveys in Klinikum Westfalen

Electronic Business Forum acts as a platform for student consulting projects with companies. EBF designs and develops practice-oriented solutions within the scope of applied science. Here you can see an example of an SRH company project which made use of this platform. For more details on company projects, take a look at this PDF.

Step 2: Internship

At the end of the second academic year, the Master's Internship serves as preparation for a professional career. Newly acquired knowledge and proficiencies are employed in an application-oriented manner. Networks with companies and partners are formed, which will aid future employment prospects!

For your internship you can make use of our partner Absolvent.de which is a career center used by reputable companies. We also maintain a cooperation with Technische Universität Berlin; Universität der Künste Berlin, and Weissensee Künst-Hochschule Berlin. Funding for your Erasmus studies is possible via this cooperative effort.

Step 3: Master's Thesis

Frequently integrated directly with the internship, the Master's thesis allows each student to pull together all areas of knowledge and work experience into a professional document ready for presentation and publication. The Colloquium in the fourth semester enables students to formulate and focus nascent ideas into a coherent, cohesive, relevant academic document.

What do others have to say about our programme?

Take a look at the testimonials of our current and past graduates, or see what Edzard Reuter (former CEO of Daimler AG and current Honorary Chairman of SRH Berlin) has to say below!

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