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Pre-study course

We offer a pre-study course for those students who need to improve their English language skills before beginning the Master's programme.

Language Requirements

The entire International Management programme is taught in English, including all the courses at our partner universities participating in the Tripartite Master Programme. All non-native English speakers must therefore submit proof of sufficient English language skills. Test results must be no more than 24 months old (all documents will be reviewed) and verbal skills will be tested in a personal or telephone interview with a lecturer from the English programme. 

There are two options for being accepted into the programme: directly and indirectly via our pre-study course. The chart below outlines the English testing levels required for each of these options.

Native speakers, applicants in whose country of origin English is the official language, or applicants with a university degree from an English speaking country can be exempted upon request. Requests for such an exemption should be submitted by e-mail and reasons should be explained in detail.

What is the pre-study course?

The pre-study course can be either taken as a four-week or as six- week course. It is designed for applicants whose English language skills don't quite fulfill the requirements for acceptance into the Master's programme. The goal of the courses is to help students improve their English to a level of proficiency which will allow them to carry out their studies and career training in the target language. The courses are comprised of 75 lecture hours (4 weeks) or 150 lecture hours (6 weeks) as well as a final examination. Students who pass one of the courses will be accepted into the Master's programme; those who don't pass must take further courses.

Who is eligible for the course?

The pre-study course is designed for students who have good English language skills but do not qualify for direct acceptance into the Master's programme (see chart above). Students who are eligible to apply include:

  • citizens of EU member states
  • students with a German residence permit valid until at least 30.09.2016
  • citizens of countries belonging to the EEA (including Switzerland)
  • all students who have the possibility of a visa-exempt entry into Germany according to §41, which includes Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, Newzealand, South Korea , USA, Andorras, Brazil, El Salavador, Honduras, Monaco, and San Marino (without work authorization) 

Course costs and important dates

4-week course

  • Costs: 690 €
  • Date: 01.08-26.08.2016 (75 hours)

6-week course

  • Costs: 1,320 €
  • Date: 18.07-26.08.2016 (150 hours)

Your reference persons

Dipl.-Üb. Dorothee Steinmüller

phone: +49 30 374 374 151


Lisa Gibellino-Marchetto

phone: +49 30 374 374 154

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