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When Does The Programme Start?


The programme starts only once a year for the winter term. It is not possible to apply for the summer/spring term.

For details regarding semester dates, please see our semester calendar.

I Am In My Final Bachelor Year and Will Graduate Before The Beginning Of The Study Course. May I Apply?


If you haven't finished your Bachelor yet, please submit a confirmation of your university that contains the expected graduation date and the amount of the expected credit points/credits hours. Please attach a current Transcript. The final Bachelor Certificate and Transcript have to be submitted at a later time.

I Have Already Finished My Bachelor, But I Haven’t Received Yet My Certificate. May I Apply?


If you already graduated and your Bachelor Certificate hasn’t been issued yet, please submit a confirmation of your university stating that you successfully completed the Bachelor programme.

Are German Language Skills Required For the Admission?


As the programme is entirely taught in English, no German language knowledge is required for the admission. However, we recommend taking German language courses in order to facilitate your stay in Germany.


Should I Apply Via Uni-Assist?


We recommend that our applicants do NOT apply via uni-assist as this procedure extends the processing time and the documents are forwarded to our university approx. one month after the student’s submission. Please apply directly on our website: online application form.

I Don’t Have An English Language Test Yet. What Do I Do?


Please sign up for an English language test that we require for our admission. Please submit an official confirmation of the respective test center containing the date of the exam. The original test has to be submitted at a later time.

Your reference persons

Dipl.-Üb. Dorothee Steinmüller

phone: +49 30 374 374 151


Lisa Gibellino-Marchetto

phone: +49 30 374 374 154

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