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Introduction to Programme

It is our goal to prepare you for a successful career in the domain of international management. In this realm shaped by technical, intercultural and global dynamics, it is expected of you as a manager to possess an analytical and networked mindset and apply it within a context of a global economy, international trade. Independence, creativity, communication with intercultural and interdisciplinary sensibility, as well as the ability to solve corporate problems encompassing unknown contexts are imperative skills in today’s business world.

This programme prepares you for these tasks. It deals with all aspects of modern leadership and helps you to reach a detailed knowledge of corporate governance. The program covers five of the cardinal areas of international Management: Leadership & Global Management, Risk-, Contract-, Innovation-, and Project Management. Here, the international and interdisciplinary aspects of management in these areas remain in focus throughout your studies. Special emphasis is placed on awareness about the legal framework, due to the increasing impacts of national and international, as well as governmental and societal requirements on corporate actions.

In order to train you for the challenges of international management, international project work familiarizes you with aspects of risk-, contract-, and compliance management. Likewise, real negotiation scenarios, business games and case studies prepare you for the framework of globalized markets. 

Company projects and an internship aim to assure linkage to practice. Internationally experienced professors likewise strive to orient their lectures to face the requirements of the international market. Additionally, we offer you the opportunity to network internationally since 70% of the programme’s student body comes from abroad, coming to study in Berlin from all continents. Furthermore, our career service, our professors and practitioners from company are all available to aid you during your studies.

International Programme Variations

Currently, we offer the following variations of the Master programme International Management. Please follow the links for details of each programme.

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