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International Management Tripartite Programme

Berlin - Athens - Berlin

In Berlin, we focus on strategic, risk, contract and project management with specialization in compliance management. Our industry familiarization includes energy/renewables, health/bioscience and IT/service sector.

In Athens, the emphasis is on credit risk management, managing export growth, and e-business strategy. Coursework also includes an ERP simulation game in which students will experience end-to-end management: from inbound logistics to sales, and from low level operations to executive decision making.


Programme corner stones


Duration of studies: 2 years
Course Language: English
Degree: Master of Arts & certificate


Module Berlin-Athens-Berlin*

1st Semester: SRH Unviersity of Applied Sciences Berlin

Modules taught in Semester One:

  • Global Strategic Management
  • Risk Management in Value Creation
  • International Contract and Company Law
  • Contract Knowledge Management
  • Project Development I
  • Company Project I


2nd Semester: American College of Greece

Modules taught in semester two:

  • Managing Export Growth
  • Credit Risk Modelling & Management
  • Business Integration - The ERP Simulation Game
  • eBusiness Strategy
  • Project Risk Management
  • The Management of Legal Conflict: Legal Strategy, Negotiation, and Mediation


3rd Semester: SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Modules taught in Semester Three:

  • Intercultural Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Strategic Network Management
  • International Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Company Project III


4th Semester: At institution of student’s choice (institution of primary thesis supervisor)

Modules taught in Semester Four:

  • Internship Program/Master Seminar
  • Master Thesis


For course descriptions, see here.


*Please note that this is a general list of courses which are offered each year. Some of the courses have optional status and require a minimum number of registered students, while some of the courses may be shifted or cancelled due to sabbatical leave of a professor or other unforeseen reasons.

Your reference persons

Dipl.-Üb. Dorothee Steinmüller

phone: +49 30 374 374 151


Lisa Gibellino-Marchetto

phone: +49 30 374 374 154

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