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International Management Transatlantic Programme

Querétaro - Madrid - Berlin

In Querétaro, the emphasis is on entrepreneurship and business planning. Our transatlantic partner is the ideal destination for students who seek to experience cultural variations by exposure to business within Latin American markets.

In Madrid, the emphasis is on communications management as well as digital industry and new media. As a specialty of the Madrid destination separate language courses in Spanish are offered along with cultural training.

In Berlin, we focus on strategic, risk, contract and project management with specialization in compliance management. Our industry familiarization includes energy/renewables, health/bioscience and IT/service sector.

Our Querétaro - Madrid - Berlin Programme is ideal for students who wish to utilize their Spanish speaking skills in two contrasting markets. It is important to note that this option is the only one of our multi-campus programmes which does not offer a dual degree. Rather, a single Master's degree in International Management is earned.


Programme corner stones


Duration of studies: 2 years
Course Language: English
Degree: Master of Arts & certificate


Module Querétaro–Madrid–Berlin*

1st Semester: Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro

Modules taught Semester One:

  • Management Economics
  • Risk Management in Financing
  • International Operations Management
  • Management Development/Entrepreneurship and Business Planning (TO BE CONFIRMED!)
  • Intercultural Management
  • Global Strategy Management
  • International Marketing


2nd Semester: Universidad Francisco de Vitoria**

Modules taught Semester Two:

  • Cross-cultural Management
  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • Leadership Seminar
  • Marketing and Business Strategies
  • Commercial Management
  • Spanish language and culture


3rd  Semester: SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Modules taught Semester Three:

  • Company Project
  • International Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Strategic Network Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Technological Foresight & Innovation Management


4th Semester: At institution of student’s choice (institution of primary thesis supervisor)

Modules taught Semester Four:

  • Internship Program/Master Seminar
  • Master Thesis


*Please note that this is a general list of courses which are offered each year. Some of the courses have optional status and require a minimum number of registered students, while some of the courses may be shifted or cancelled due to sabbatical leave of a professor or other unforeseen reasons.

**Due to upcoming program changes, the courses that were listed for Madrid up until April 2012 are no longer correct. These newly listed course modules will begin in Spring 2013.

Your reference persons

Dipl.-Üb. Dorothee Steinmüller

phone: +49 30 374 374 151


Lisa Gibellino-Marchetto

phone: +49 30 374 374 154

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