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Events & Infotermine der SRH Hochschule Berlin

Events & Infotermine der SRH Hochschule Berlin

SRH Start-up Lab Berlin

Emotional Intelligence - Communication in Entrepreneurship & Business

A workshop by the Start-up Lab Commmunity | 6pm SRH Start-up Lab Berlin

Ihre Ansprechpartnerin für Veranstaltungen

Sigrid Peuker

Entrepreneurship is about working on yourself, develop and improve. Managing your emotional intelligence is a key factor in this journey.

One of the most important aspects in business is certainly your network and the people surrounding you. Motivation, resources, help and feedbacks come from them. Learning how to interact with these persons is the most important step you can take, especially at the beginning, when you are having the minimum of resources and need support, but even later when you are in contact with partners, clients and employees.

Take your first step with us, find out the keys for better communication, get the right outcome of your interactions and test it with us during our workshop. We will help you to improve your communication and consideration of others and therefore your productivity in your entrepreneurial journey and start-ups. We will also take you through the benefits of being able to accept feedbacks and critics as well as how to give those.

What we will be talking about:

  • How to understand to think before you talk
  • Manage others through your own emotions
  • Be open for negative feedback and enhance productivity.
  • Have effective communication

We will have exciting exercises during workshop which help you to understand, manage and improve your emotional intelligence.

When: Thursday, 2 May at 6pm

Where: SRH Start-up Lab Berlin

Ihre Ansprechpartnerin für Veranstaltungen

Sigrid Peuker

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