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Internationales ERASMUS ERASMUS Grant for Guest Lecturers from Enterprise

Grant for Guest Lecturers from Enterprises

Apply now for an ERASMUS-staff mobility funding-STA2!

ERASMUS staff training mobility

In order to host guest lectures for their students, the ERASMUS+ program provides opportunities and funding for German universities to invite representatives from enterprises which are based abroad. With their experience and their international perspective, the guest lecturers contribute to the international diversity on campus and give an insight into the day to day business world. In return, they may use the guest lecture not only for their personal enrichment, but also to establish useful contacts for potential research, development, thesis and/or company projects.

Who may participate:

Staff members of enterprises are eligible to participate if:

  • The company they work for – along with the location of their permanent workspace – is situated in a country which participates in the ERASMUS+ programmed (all members of the European Union and additionally FYRO Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey), but outside of Germany
  • Their permanent, primary residence is not in Germany

Length of Mobility:

The ERASMUS+ program financially supports guest lectures with a duration of 2 to 60 consecutive (lecture) days. It is expected that activities directly related to the mobility program are scheduled for every single day of the lecturer’s stay.

There is a minimum of 8 hours of instruction for the first week or increment thereof. If the duration of the guest lecture is scheduled to exceed 7 days, the teaching hours for the additional days may be calculated as follows: 8 hours divided by 5 days multiplied by the number of additional days. See examples below: 3 day stay: minimum of 8 hours of instruction, 7 day stay: minimum of 8 hours of instruction, 8 day stay: minimum of 9,6 hours of instruction, 9 day stay: minimum of 11,2 hours of instruction.

The start and end dates are the first and last day that the lecturer is present at SRH Hochschule Berlin in order to carry out activities as described in the Mobility Agreement Teaching.

Due to limited funds, it is usually not possible to financially support guest lectures of more than 1-2 weeks. The exact dates of the guest lecture (in accordance with the previously mentioned ERASMUS+ rules and regulations) shall be discussed and agreed upon with the director of the study program in which the guest lecture is scheduled to take place.

Insurance coverage:

Each participant shall have adequate insurance coverage for Germany (health insurance and, if applicable, liability and accident insurance). You are required to arrange for sufficient insurance coverage on your own and at your own cost. Participation in the ERASMUS+ program does not include health insurance, liability insurance or any other kind of insurance. Neither the European Commission, nor the National Agency (DAAD) or SRH Hochschule Berlin can be held liable for any illness, death, accident, injury, loss or damage that may be caused during or as a result of your ERASMUS+ stay abroad. As an ERASMUS+ participant, you have the option to register for the DAAD group insurance which provides extensive coverage. Detailed information is available from the insurance department of the DAAD insurance.


The ERASMUS+ programme is not designed to cover the entire cost of the mobility, but rather the additional expenses which are associated with it. It is up to the participant, however, to request additional funding from his/her enterprise, or to supplement the expenses with his/her own funds. In case that the ERASMUS+ grant is higher than the actual cost of the trip, participants may be required to claim the difference as income on their tax reports. The ERASMUS+ grant includes the following:

Travel support:

The distance (as calculated by the distance calculator) corresponds to the single/one-way distance while the travel allowance refers to round trips. When necessary and reasonable, the journey may start and end in a city other than that of the participant’s permanent workplace. In this case, the participant must submit tickets and receipts to the International Office.

Distance is calculated between start and end location of the mobility Travel Distance Amount
< 100 km20 EUR
100 – 499 km180 EUR
500 – 1.999 km 275 EUR
2.000 – 2.999 km360 EUR
3.000 – 3.999 km 530 EUR
4.000 – 7.999 km820 EUR
8.000 km and more1.500 EUR


Individual Support:

It is expected that activities directly related to the mobility program are scheduled for every single day of the lecturer’s stay. Depending on the ERASMUS+ budget available to SRH Hochschule Berlin, it may not be possible to provide funding for all eligible days of the mobility period. In this case, the stay may be split into grant days and zero grant days.


Day (1-14 days) of the mobility period (execluding travel days)

 Day 15-60 of the mobility period (execluding travel days)

Germany160 EUR/day112 EUR/day


The grant will be paid in two installments:

  • 70% in the beginning
  • 30% after the completion of the mobility

Special needs grant:

Lecturers with disabilities of at least GdB 30 may qualify for additional ERASMUS+ funding. An application must be filed with the International Office as early as possible.

Before your Mobility:

  • Contact Elisa Barth (elisa.barth@srh.de) to inquire about the possibility of guest lecturing at SRH Hochschule Berlin, discuss the time frame and content.
  • Check the eligibility of your guest lecture according to the ERASMUS rules and regulations as described in this schedule.
  • Please get in touch with (potential) ERASMUS-partner universities direct or through the International Office
  • Once all the details of the guest lecture are in place, you should complete the Mobility Agreement – Teaching and have it signed by all three parties.
  • Check your Visa
  • Submit your business trip application

Please submit your fully completed and duly signed initial ERASMUS-documents to the International Office at SRH Hochschule Berlin, to Elisa Barth: elisa.barth@srh.de:

At the beginning of your staff mobility:

  • take a lot of pictures
  • Please let the confirmation letter sign on the last day of your mobility from the partner university

Do you want to study abroad? Contact me!

Ruth Gorman


Outgoing Exchange Coordinator
Telefon +49 30 374 374 153 E-Mail schreiben