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Incoming Exchange Students

Welcome to Berlin

Berlin is a highly international city in the middle of Europe filled with art and history, surrounded by nature!

Study abroad is all about adding value to your time as a student, and enjoying a truly dynamic, life-altering experience. You will travel and live in another country, interact with people from different backgrounds and experience a different way of life. You can get to know yourself better, gain greater confidence in your decision-making processes and immerse yourself in a new culture, all while enhancing your career prospects.

Four million people originating from 190 different countries live in Berlin. Creativity and entrepreneurial spirit belong also to Berlin, more than 20.000 artists living and creating, where 20% of Germany´s start-ups are at home. Cultural and artistic events, such as theatres in various languages, Performances and festivals, make the city lively and spark inspiration for everybody.

Architecture in Berlin exhibits its rich heritage and history to all eyes, especially the history of two World Wars and decades of division during the Cold War. Aside from the palaces, modern structures and spaces, Berlin and it´s immediate surrounding is also home to must-see UNESCO Heritage Sites.

As importantly for the quality of life, one third of Berlin is covered with nature. Almost 2.000 gardens and recreational parks and numerous forests and lakes spread all over Berlin elevates the quality of daily life remarkably.  

Before applying Check Eligibility

You can apply for a tuition free Exchange Programme, if you: 

- Are nominated by the exchange coordinator from one of our partner universities

- Have completed at least one year of your studies before enrolment at SRH and still enrolled at your home university

- Are proficient in English or German depending on the study programme you are applying to. We recommend C1 level for both languages, but we accept the B2.2 level with the condition, that the student joins a language module to improve their skills)

- Have secured sufficient funds for accommodation and personal living expenses (Erasmus funding, self-financing etc.)

If you are not a student at a partner university, you can apply as a ´free mover´ on a fee-paying basis. For more information please go to "Incoming Free Mover / Study Abroad Students" More information on the general criteria and language requirements for attending SRH Hochschule Berlin as an exchange student is available in FAQ section.

Please scroll down to find the application Information or use the link to set your Online Application

Academic Calendar

The standard academic calendar consists of two main semesters, fall/winter and spring/summer. 

Depending on your study Programme structure, each Semester includes 15 or 18 weeks, the examinations maybe in the last two weeks of that 15 weeks or each 5th week of a course, depending on the course structure; continuous or block. As an exchange student you can attend for one or two semesters, but you should ensure that your modules are approved by your home university. Below please find the rough Dates,

Fall/winter semester

English-instructed Master study programmes: start in early September and end late December.

All Bachelor programmes: start in early October and end late February.

Spring/summer semester

English-instructed Master study programmes: start in early March and end mid July.

All Bachelor programmes: start in early April and end mid August.

We share a detailed academic calendar once you are accepted to study at SRH.

Modules for Exchange Students

Academic counselling responsibility lies with your home university. Please seek your home university's advice while preparing your Learning Agreement / Course Selection Form and get their approval to transfer the credits for the modules which you wish to take while on exchange at SRH. Once you are nominated by your home university, you will gain access to the course descriptions as well as the workload requirements and restrictions. There you can familiarize yourself with the content of courses. Once you are accepted, you will receive a list of courses which are open to exchange students. Only after this list is published, we will be able to accept your course selections.

After applying

Application Status: After you have completed the online application, you should be checking the same email given during application regularly for important updates from the International Office. Sometimes, emails from SRH get into the spam folder, therefore please check your spam folder closer to the result release date. Alternatively, you can log in to the application portal by using your application ID and password to find out about the application status.

Health Insurance: Every student in Germany must have a health insurance. Without a health insurance a person cannot be enrolled at a university.

Transportation: Berlin BVG offers all students a Semester Ticket, which allows you to travel by all public transportation media in A, B and C zones. 

Visa: Please check Visa Service to see if you need to apply for a visa. 

International Student Guide will be provided upon your acceptance which has comprehensive information regarding accommodation, transportation, health insurance, visa etc.

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