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Incoming Students

Student Testimonials

Julija Cybulskaja, 21 – Aarhus University (Denmark), 6th semester, Lithuanian

After studying abroad for nearly 2 years I thought that my Erasmus experience at SRH Berlin would not be that different. It turned out that the school as well as the city has so much to offer. I have met students as well as professors from all around the world. In such an international and very friendly environment you will never feel left out. I was pleasantly surprised when people would just start talking to you in the public transport without any particular reason. And this happens almost everywhere: school halls, canteens, shops, restaurants, streets… Truly amazing! Yes, Berlin is a huge city and handling everything can be frustrating, but thanks to the support from SRH Berlin you will always find your way and have an unforgettable experience.

Anette Järvpõld, 22 – Aarhus University (Denmark), 5th semester, Estonian

With Berlin and SRH, I especially like the big variety of people from different nations that are brought together in one classroom. People from all over the world including from countries I’ve never met anyone yet (to be said, I’ve been student living abroad already for 2 years!). At first glance Berlin seemed like a huge city to me, however, I got used to that very quickly, thanks to the good guidance letter from Ulrike, it was easy to find everything necessary and even bring oneself in contact with happenings and activities around Berlin.  In the end I could say, I had a positive and enriching experience here, definitely! 

Jorge Moreno Salazar, 21 – Tec de Monterrey, 8th semester, Mexico

My friends told me that Berlin was the best choice for studying abroad. I didn’t expect that but when I arrived to this city I was really surprised. A big city with many things to do, people from every part of the world, good transportation and of course is full of history. Now that I visited other cities in Europe no one is like Berlin. It’s a perfect place for young people. Studying in SRH helps you to meet this kind of international environment too because many students come from other countries. Now I know that Berlin would be my first choice to live if I don’t stay in my country anymore.

Didem Bingöl, 21- Marmara University Istanbul, 4th Semester, Turkey

When I came to Berlin, I was totally shocked because Berlin looks so empty to me. The population of Istanbul (where I live) is 17 million! 2nd shock was "every shop is closed on Sunday"! In Turkey we go on shopping especially on the weekend and every shop is open until 12:00pm! (Some of the shops are open even after 12:00pm!) The weather is so diferent here, Istanbul is warmer than Berlin. But I like the wide sidewalks and streets so much. There is no traffic, no car horn also (if we compare with Istanbul). So manz museums and visiting places... the most beautiful place to me is the Berlin TV TOWER =) When I was coming to Berlin, I was very anxious because I didn't know what was waiting for me. This is my first time abroad but the school personnel especially Ulrike and Katharina were so kind so I don't feel so strange. Thank you so much for everything.

Fabrice Codjia, 22 – INSEEC Bordeaux, 6th Semester, France

My beginnings at the SRH University are very good. The atmosphere is always nice and friendly. You can meet new people, and as Erasmus students we can meet people from the whole world. And in my opinion I deeply think this is really enriching for me and my future career, which will probably be as international as possible. Of course our environment is German, but it is all the more international together at the SRH University and in Berlin.

Selda Güzel, 21 – Marmara University Istanbul, 4th Semester Turkey

First of all, I want to say that it is the first experience for me. I have never been abroad before so Berlin is special for me!=) And I can say that Berlin is one of the most beautiful places in Europe. The transportation is so fast and regular. It has a wonderful plan. You can reach everywhere on time. The education system is also so good and absolutely I am pleased of it as an Erasmus student from Istanbul. =) I miss my family and Istanbul even though Istanbul is more crowded. The only thing that makes me unhappy is the weather of Berlin. It is changing a lot. Sometimes it is so cold or hot and this makes me sick. I love Berlin and I know when I go back to Istanbul, I will miss it a lot! =))) Berlin has a lot of museums, cultural places, gardens, forests... Berlin has a wonderful environment! People want to help us here. Alles Okay in Berlin!!! =)