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International Focus PROMOS Scholarships PROMOS Scholarships for Excursions

supported with PROMOS-scholarships

A study trip is a trip of a group of students under the academic guidance of a university lecturer. It serves to impart knowledge in a specific subject and should help to expand and deepen the knowledge of the module. To be eligible for a PROMOS scholarship, the itinerary must include a meeting with students and scholars from a local university, ideally a (possible) partner university, as well as special events and/or visits to familiarise students with the culture of the host country, region or city.

After the trip the participants submit a summary to the International Office, which will be published on SRH's PROMOS-website. The written report may be accompanied by pictures, videos, blogs etc.

Where can you go?

Study trips can go anywhere, but trips to countries or regions for which the Federal Foreign Office has issued a (partial) travel warning cannot be funded. If a travel warning is published for the destination country of a sponsored trip before departure and during the stay, the funding will be subsequently refused or the group will be requested by SRH to leave the region or country.

For German citizen abroad, it is recommended to register with the Federal Foreign Office via Elefand, a crisis prevention list. Other citizens may please refer to their home county's crisis prevention measures.


PROMOS for study trips is an allowance, the amount of which depends on the destination country. For study trips to EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey, the rate is 30 € per person and day. For all other countries the amount is 45 € per person and day.

The maximum funding period is two to 14 days, whereby travel days are not funded; due to the limited budget, partial funding is also possible.

The total amount of the scholarships is paid out to the supervising university teacher before the start of the trip and then settled in cooperation with the International Office. If the trip is to take place immediately after the application deadline, it may not be possible to make the payment in advance. Takes this into account when planing the trip.

Who can be funded? 

All students from all programmes who aspire to complete their degree at SRH can apply for PROMOS study trip grants. In detail, this includes all German citizens and students who are coequal according to the Federal Training Assistance Act (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz, § 8 BAföG).

International students cannot be PROMOS funded if the trips leads them to their home country; but this does not affect their participation in the trip.

How to apply for PROMOS-funding

Applications for a PROMOS-funded faculty-led excursion or study trips can be submitted only by the SRH lecturer, who organises the trip and by this will the International Office's contact for anything PROMOS-related:

Please hand in the following by email or on paper:

  • description of the study trip: 
    a substantial subject-related description (max. one page in either German or English); time schedule containing detailed information on visits and sightseeing; plan for the preparation and follow-up of the participating students;
  • list of participants 
    including name(s) and family name(s), sex (m/f/d), status (student, graduate or lecturer), subject area (business studies, music, film, design etc.) signed by the participants
  • financial plan
    estimated travel costs, meals, lodging, other costs for all participants, if applicable other financial sources
  • invitation or confirmation by the hosting organisation

The application deadline is bimonthly, cut-off dates in 2019 being February 28th, April 30th, June 30th, and October 31st. Only complete applications can be accepted and handed in by email or in paper to Ms. Elisa Barth. PROMOS is a merit grant, legal recourse is excluded.

The decision will be taken within the following fortnight and communicated by email to the responsible faculty member. Should more applications be submitted than within our budget, applications will be ranked and supported afterwards should SRH be allocated more budget by the DAAD.

Presentation and Congress Trip Programme by the DAAD

PhD candidates can apply to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for funding for international trips within the presentation and congress trip programme (both calls only available in German). SRH's International Office is more than happy to help you.

For applications and information please contact the International Office

Kirsten Matthes


Global Cooperation Institute,
ERASMUS Coordinator
Room H.113
Telephone 030 / 374 374 - 150 Send an email

Ruth Gorman

University Administration

Outgoing Exchange Coordinator
Room H111
Telephone +49 30 374 374 153 Send an email