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Diversity Training

30 years Mauerfall and life along the Berlin wall

Master's students gain insights into one of the most significant events of the 20th century - the fall of the Berlin wall

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, the Centre for Languages and Diversity organised an activity within the Diversity Training programme, so that Master's students of the Berlin School of Management/Technology could learn about this very important German piece of history.

On Friday, 8 November, we explored the exhibition inside a former Checkpoint, the infamous “Tränenpalast” (“Palace of Tears”) next to Friedrichstraße station. Students had an interactive guided tour and a discussion round to address specific questions and interests.

After a short power-up lunch break, the outside part of the day started: a city rallye organised by the student community Asteroid Berlin. With different stops in the area Brandenburger Tor – Friedrichstraße – Gendarmenmarkt, students could discover some significant sights of the GDR first-hand by answering riddles and questions. The winning teams were awarded with some still very popular former GDR products.

Feedback of students:

  • I have attended the excursion & I found it interesting. I didn’t know much about the consequences and results of the Berlin Wall before. It was a really knowledgeable event by SRH and it helped me to understand the history of a particular place.
  • Revisiting history at the Tränenpalast was a very different and unique experience. The team activity was very interesting and we learned a lot. We solved clues and identified important spots related to the Berlin Wall.


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