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International focus

Discussing global issues at the UN Headquarters

SRH students at the National Model United Nations Conference in New York

The National Model United Nations (NMUN) conference in New York is the world’s biggest educational simulation of the United Nations for university students. During NMUN teams of students from all over the world represent UN member states, advocate for assigned countries, meet up in committees, and write and pass resolutions.  

Taking part in the conference is a great experience for students to broaden their horizons, to gain new perspectives on global issues, to develop skills in diplomacy and compromise, and to meet university students from around the globe.  

As an international university with students from more than 70 nations, we are very happy about all our students who are keen to participate in the NMUN conference. Several teams of SRH students have already been to the New York conference, representing Thailand in 2016 for instance or the Seychelles in 2017.   

Maria Heine, student in the German programme International Business Administration – Marketing, took part in the NMUN conference this March and recounts her exciting and educational experience: 

“On 18 March, after some time of preparation, we were finally ready. We, 12 SRH students, flew to New York to represent the Seychelles at the National Model United Nations. After arriving at the hotel, the only thing we could see were groups of students from all over the world - Whether women wearing a hijab or men wearing a kippa, everyone stood together and had a chat. At this moment, the internationality and diversity already exceeded my expectations. It didn’t take a lot of time to get in touch with students from South Africa, Korea, Italy and, of course, the US, just to name a few countries.

After that, everything happened very quickly. The committees opened and we started negotiating and had to deal with various, international political issues. After two days the negotiations became resolutions which were either passed or rejected by a vote. The most exciting day was, without a doubt, the last as this session and the final ceremony took place at the United Nations Headquarters. Although we only spent four days at the conference, we learned a lot about other cultures, views and tolerance towards people from different backgrounds. At the same time, you also deal with current problems of the world’s population and possible solutions. The conference is an amazing experience for any student and a great way to meet new people.”


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