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Engaging People Despite the Lockdown

Responding to the Covid-19 crisis, MA International Management students develop their own ideas for special PR campaigns in the Creative Industries Company Project with the help of the creative expertise of the Berlin School of Popular Arts.

The Creative Industries Company Project led by the Berlin School of Popular Arts responds to the Covid-19 crisis with creative PR/communications campaigns.

Working with Sven Oswald, Chief Executive of CandyStorm PR, a public relations agency, which delivers sustainability and CSR-focused campaigns; Björn Krass (aka Tim Thaler), Adjunct Lecturer in Creative Industries Management; and Prof. Dr. Svenja Tams, Professor of Management, Organizations & Leadership, students learned how to pitch ideas for PR campaigns that engage citizens in the yet to be built KreativQuartier3 Potsdam – an urban regeneration project with work space and accommodation for artists and creatives in the heart of the historic city.

Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 crisis, several challenges had to be addressed at once:

  • How to design a PR/communications campaign that raises citizens’ and journalists’ awareness for an invisible urban regeneration project, which is still in the planning stage and with construction only scheduled for 2021-2023?
  • How to create a campaign that engage citizens despite the social distancing of the 2020 Covid-19 crisis?
  • How to brainstorm ideas and collaborate despite the inability to meet in person?

The teams demonstrated their ability to master these challenges. Their pitches drew on a broad spectrum of online communication tools, ranging from photo competitions, social influencer campaigns and arts-focused webinars on Instagram to podcasts, video games, virtual storytelling and drive-in cinema.

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