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How startups succeed

New endowed professorship for Entrepreneurship at SRH Hochschule Berlin

New endowed professorship for Entrepreneurship at SRH Hochschule Berlin

Apart from the university’s Entrepreneurship programme and the planned startup centre, the new endowed professorship and the planned Grenke Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies are both expected to boost SRH’s teaching and entrepreneurial research.

Grenke AG from Baden Baden will fund € 1 million for the endowed chair including two PhD positions until 2022. The professorship position will presumably be filled in spring 2017.

The goal of the endowed professorship is to scientifically analyse startup businesses and to identify success factors that can be applied in real businesses. “We want to make a positive contribution to the successful development of startups in Germany. That’s why we support the university and its research activities in the long run” says Wolfgang Grenke, CEO and founder of Grenke AG. The Grenke Group of companies is operating in the leasing, banking and factoring industry throughout Europe.

Prof. Dr. Victoria Büsch, President of SRH Hochschule Berlin, is very grateful for the donor’s outstanding commitment: “Grenke AG has been supporting socially relevant projects for years. We are very pleased that we can do more research about startup businesses and provide entrepreneurs with the insights that are most relevant for their newly founded businesses.”

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