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Student Project

How to test brand recognition and advertising impact?

Students conduct study for Enterprise Rent-A-Car using eye-tracking glasses

SRH Hochschule Berlin has a pair of eye-tracking glasses that students are able to use in their study, company and research projects as well as in their entrepreneurial ventures.

Our "International Management" Master students have had the opportunity to put the technology to use in their current company project with the international car rental company Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The students design and conduct an empirical study that measures the general view on the rental car industry as well as the specific brand impact of Enterprise Rent-A-Car's 2017 TV advertisement campaign.

The Master students had the opportunity to present the company's TV advertisement to guests during our Open House Event in order to gather more data.

After analysing the results of the study our students will compare them to Enterprise’s own image assessment and will make final recommendations to further enhance the company’s image and brand recognition.



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