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International focus

Intercultural networking opportunity

SRH faculty and students enjoyed the visit of American PhD students from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Interactive exchange at SRH Hochschule Berlin 

On 3 December 2018 American PhD students of the Chicago School of Professional Psychology visited SRH. They were accompanied by their professor Dr. Candice Hughes who gave a lecture on the history of psychology. Afterwards, she gave a short overview of studying psychology in America and at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. The respective doctoral students from Germany and the USA presented their research projects and gave their colleagues and interested students an insight into different fields of psychological research. The afternoon ended with a short input on "Psychology in Germany", which resulted in an interesting discussion about the differences between psychology in Germany and the USA.

Relaxed atmosphere and a lot of fun

Most importantly, we also had a lot of fun. We were glad to see that our American guests felt comfortable at SRH and that we could have humorous and vivid discussions. Finally, attending students were cordially integrated into the event as well.

Many thanks to the TCS visitors for this great day!

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