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Observation of sterilization processes and associated logistics in a hospital

Students visit Central Sterile Service Department of Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin (Berlin Trauma Hospital)

Observation team in the clean section of the central sterile processing department at UKB: Instructors Prof. Dr. Franz Hessel and Frank Wittig, as well as students Frances Naguit, Celina Bunk, Sophie Pricken, and Dr. Satyam Gupta (from left to right)

On 15 November students from the Healthcare MBA and International Management programmes conducted an observation of the sterilization processes and associated logistics at Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin (UKB, Berlin Trauma Hospital). As part of their company project module, the students analysed the sterile goods-related process landscape in the central sterile processing department, as well as in the pre- and post-operative phases in operating rooms.

Primary aim of this project is the research on approaches to optimise the tracking of sterilized goods and validation of surgical container contents.

Company Projects occur in the second and third semester of the International Management programme as well as in the third semester of the MBA programme. Every winter semester, students from both programmes can jointly participate in company projects. In this particular project, the constitution of the student group added particular benefit: The specific perspectives of the students coming from various professional backgrounds (surgery, pharmaceutical logistics, controlling) complemented each other very well and contributed to an interdisciplinary enrichment within the group.

The project was acquired through the professional network of the instructors, Prof. Dr. Franz Hessel and Frank Wittig.

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