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Diversity Training

Similarities between Germany and Syria

Students take part in a Refugee Voices Tour

On 22 March a group of students of the International Management and Entrepreneurship programmes took part in a “Refugee Voices Tour” through Berlin as part of their Diversity Training.

The tour was led by a Syrian refugee who is currently studying in Berlin. He gave the students the rare opportunity to learn about Syrian history. Through the guide's eyes the students were able get a first-hand insight into the situation in Syria and were able to understand why it became too dangerous for him and others to stay there.

Through the use of historical places in Berlin such as Platz des Volksaufstandes von 1953, Topographie des Terrrors, Checkpoint Charlie and Gendarmenmarkt, the tour guide demonstrated similarities between the history of Berlin and what´s currently happening in Syria.

After walking through the cold and rain the group was happy to continue the tour at a Syrian restaurant with hot tea, authentic Syrian food and an animated discussion.


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