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Our University

SRH Hochschule Berlin

What defines us

International focus and SRH Hochschule Berlin belong together. International exchange and open-mindedness shape the university since its foundation.

We have excellent connections with our partners and demand high standards of our employees, our students and our own study programmes.

Students benefit from a range of services and a great study environment. We focus on the synergy between teaching, research and real work experience.

Mission Statement

SRH Hochschule Berlin is one of ten private SRH universities that follow the same mission. The joint mission statement was developed by SRH Holding and the universities' executive boards. It was included in the charta of SRH Hochschule Berlin by a resolution of the state government of 24 July 2008.   

It is our goal to lead young and talented people to pursue future-oriented study programmes and qualified state-approved degrees that will lead to above-average job prospects. At the same time, we want to support and encourage our students to become independent and confident individuals.

With our application-oriented research and the scientific education our universities contribute to foster innovation and qualification in the economy and society as a whole.

We believe that personal liberty is the core of a vital, dynamic and democratic society. Despite being part of the constitution, it needs to be fought for again and again and does not come for free.

For that reason, we value independent employees and students who have the courage to uphold civil rights and freedom while respecting the liberty of others.

We believe that individuals can only fully express their creativity, originality and personality if they are able to determine the scheme of life by themselves. That's the reason why we support the self-determination and self-development of each and every one. We promote the ability to develop your own opinion based on facts, to make your own sound decisions and to advocate those decision with strength and dignity.

We believe that autonomy, commitment and initiative are more important to lead a socially responsible and self-determined life than the trust in collective structures and solutions. Every individual has a unique personality and is a member of society at the same time. 

That's why we support the development of our students and employees into individuals who think and act independently. We would like them to have trust in their own abilities and to actively and independently create their own destiny in cooperation with others.

We welcome all employees and students who meet our professional requirements, treat others with respect and tolerance and respect our values and mission, irrespective of their ethnic, religious and social background. We teach intercultural skills and encourage our students to gain international experience.

All SRH universities emphasise political, religious and ideological neutrality and focus on independence from economic interests of third parties. We aim to create an environment of intellectual freedom and diversity in which employees and students are able to develop, believe in and realize their own ideas and opinions.

We are guided by the social market economy that combines each person's freedom with the economic momentum and social balance. We believe that a free market economy - with its fundamental elements contractual freedom, private ownership and competition - which lacks government Intervention, provides the best system to promote individual wealth, solidarity and justice within the society. That is the reason why our universities want to contribute to the perception, preservation and empowerment of Germany's market economy. We want to enable our students to compete in a global market economy while being aware of their social responsibility. 

We believe that we can only live by the above-mentioned values and meet the scientific requirements in a better, faster and more flexible way if there is entrepreneurial leadership within our universities. We need strong entrepreneurial personalities who are willing to take responsibility for the business and who want to find their own path to success even when faced with hardships and resistance while upholding the principles of corporate governance and compliance.

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