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Our University

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

What defines us

International focus and SRH Berlin University belong together. International exchange and open-mindedness shape the university since its foundation.

We have excellent connections with our partners and demand high standards of our employees, our students and our own study programmes.

Students benefit from a range of services and a great study environment. We focus on the synergy between teaching, research and real work experience.

Mission Statement The SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences acts in accordance with the following mission statement in the realisation of its academic goals:

We ensure that our universities are neutral in terms of party politics, religion and ideology and that they are independent of the economic interests of third parties. We welcome students and employees regardless of their ethnic and social origins and their respective gender affiliations. We value the intercultural experience and skills of our students and employees.

Every person is a unique personality and at the same time a social being. We therefore support our students and employees as individuals who think and act independently and who actively help shape our society with confidence in their own abilities and in partnership with others. We respond to the expectations and requirements of our students and staff; their perspective is important to us.

We consider personal freedom, as well as the freedom of others, to be a valuable asset that is to be protected. Creativity and innovation can only emerge where people are able to develop their potential freely. Within our culture of learning and teaching, therefore, students are able to develop and implement their own attitudes, ideas and solutions to problems. As free and responsible personalities, students and staff take responsibility for their own attitudes and actions.

Our focus is on our students and their personal development. For this purpose, we use the insights of the CORE Principle for sustainable learning in face-to-face and distance learning. The CORE Principle focuses on student centricity and active learning as well as a learning and examination structure that is consistently geared towards the respective competence goals. Learning content is worked on in thematically related contexts. Application-oriented research is an integral part of this, as is the use of digital media and the continuous further training of our employees. Together with students, employees and external partners, we create an environment for innovative and sustainable learning.

Through competence-oriented learning and application-oriented research, our students are encouraged and challenged so that they can develop their own profile and have above-average opportunities on the job market at the end of their studies. At the same time, we maintain our national and international networks and involve external partners and students in our research, product development and practical projects.

Our universities can then best live the aforementioned values and respond flexibly, quickly and optimally to the demands of a constantly changing environment if these are managed in an entrepreneurial manner. This requires strong leaders who are ready to take responsibility for the organisation. Our managers pay attention to the SRH principles of good corporate governance. We are convinced that working together within a team enables us to "grow better" and that our joint network opens up perspectives that go beyond the possibilities of individual universities.