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Our University Faculty & Team Glasberg, Ronald

Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Ronald Glasberg


of Int. Strategic Management & Innovations

Room H808

Telephone: +49 30 374 374-520

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International Strategic Management (e.g. Business modeling, Business planning, game theory and strategic moves); Innovation Management (e.g. trend research, multimedia communication); Financial and Risk Management (e.g. design and management of Portfolios)

Short CV

Professional Experience

Professor of Int. Strategic Management, Study Programme Director Entrepreneurship since 2010, SRH Hochschule Berlin

Management Consultant 2008 – 2010, BearingPoint Management & Technology Consultants

Postdoctoral Research Assistant & Lecturer 2002 – 2008, Technical University of Berlin

Manager Group Strategy and Policy 2000 – 2002, Deutsche Telekom AG

Consultant for EU-Projects in Paris, Stuttgart and St. Gallen 1998 – 2000, Renault Institute for Quality and Management

Research Assistant for PhD & Lecturer 1996 – 1998, Technical University of Berlin

Manager and Entrepreneur 1986 – 1996, Consumer Electronics Service Center J. Glasberg


Doctor of Engineering, Technical University of Berlin

MBA in Paris, Stuttgart and St. Gallen, Collège des Ingénieurs Paris

Diplom-Ingenieur, Technical University of Berlin

Research Foci

  • Int. Strategic Management (e.g. design of new business-models, design of new game-theory moves)
  • Innovation Management (e.g. smart living, identification of relevant trends in the industrial landscape, neural networks)
  • Financial and Risk Management (e.g. portfolio Management)


My expertise is based on over 20 years of professional experience in the areas of strategic management, technology and innovation management, risk and financial management, i.e. in the Group's Strategy of Deutsche Telekom AG and as a management consultant for leading European companies.

Furthermore, I assisted as an expert for start-ups and international acting companies in solving a variety of strategic, economic and technological challenges.         


Risk Management in Hospitals (Interdisciplinary Research Project), 2013 – 2015, R. Glasberg (Project Leader), M. Hartmann, F. Hessel, C. Schermuly, V. Stantchev, G. Tamm et al. 

Risks and crises for healthcare providers: the impact of cloud computing, 2014, R. Glasberg, M. Hartmann, M. Draheim, G. Tamm, and F. Hessel . The Scientific World Journal 2014, S. 524659, DOI: 10.1155/2014/524659

Management of Crises and Risks in German Hospitals - Factors Influencing Medication Errors, 2014, M. Draheim, S. Flessa, R. Glasberg, M. Hartmann, C. Schermuly, et al. Value in Health 17 (7), S. A426, DOI: 10.1016/j.jval.2014.08.1067

Human Resources Crises in Hospitals – An Explorative Study, 2014, C. Schermuly, M. Draheim, R. Glasberg, et al. Human Resource Health

Risks and Crises for Healthcare Providers – the Impact of Cloud Computing, 2013, The Scientific World Journal. R. Glasberg, M. Hartmann, M. Draheim, G. Tamm and F. Hessel

Smart Home – Entwicklungen und technologische Standards, 2013, R. Glasberg auf Klausurtagung der Strahlenschutzkommission des Bundesministeriums für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit (BMU)

A solution to procrastination for the new 'Gen Y' Workforce’, 2013, J. Cheung, L. Groot Wassink, N. Mohtadi, and R. Glasberg. The Int. Conf. on Advances in Social Science, Management and Human Behaviour

Readiness level to adopt smart grid technologies — Study for the city of Medellin, 2011, IEEE – PES Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT Latin America). F. Mejia, R. Glasberg, G. Tamm, and G.J. Lopez                                                            

Innovation in Human Resources: A theoretical advancement on employee motivation, 2011, Int. Conference on Economics, Business and Management, Maldives. K. Ouerghemi, and R. Glasberg

Heimvernetzung als Geschäftsmodell, 2010, ConLife - Conference and Exhibition for Connected Life, Köln/ D, R. Glasberg

Heimvernetzung: Studie zum 4. nationalen IT-Gipfel der Bundesregierung in Stuttgart. R. Glasberg, N. Feldner, and M. Schidlack, 2009.                                                                     

Moderne AV-Datenformate. Leitfaden des BITKOM für Industrie und Fachhandel. R. Glasberg, N. Feldner, and M. Schidlack, 2009.

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Heimvernetzung: Studie zum 3. nationalen IT-Gipfel der Bundesregierung in Darmstadt. R. Glasberg, N. Feldner, and M. Schidlack, 2008.

Neuer Leitfaden zum hochauflösenden Fernsehen der Zukunft. Konferenz zum 1. europäischen HDTV-Gipfelforum in Berlin. R. Glasberg and M. Schidlack, 2008.

The Multimedia Landscape – New Insights and Developments 3-DTV, Semantic Search. IFA Internationale Funkausstellung – Science and Technology Forum in Berlin. R. Glasberg, 2008.

New Video-Genre-Classification using High-Level Descriptors and a Set of Classifiers. IEEE – ICSC 2nd International Conference on Semantic Computing, Santa Clara/ USA. R. Glasberg, S. Schmiedeke, M. Mocigemba, and T. Sikora, 2008.

Real-time detection of sport in MPEG-2 sequences using high-level AV-descriptors. ICDIM 3rd International Conference on Digital Information Management, London/ UK. R. Glasberg, S. Schmiedeke, H. Oguz, P. Kelm, and T. Sikora, 2008.

Next Generation Search Engine: A prototype of an intelligent content analysis system. CeBIT in Hannover. R. Glasberg, 2008.

An automatic system for real-time video-genres detection. 12th IEEE Int. Symposium on Consumer Electronics, ISCE 2008, Algarve/ Portugal. R. Glasberg, S. Schmiedeke, P. Kelm, and T. Sikora, 2008.

Extensible Platform for Multimedia Analysis (XPMA). IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, Beijing/ China. R. Glasberg, P. Kelm, H. Qin, and T. Sikora, 2007.

Next Generation Search Engine Idea: How will you find the Content of tomorrow? IFA Consumer Electronics, Berlin. R. Glasberg, 2007.

Recognizing Commercials in Real-Time using Visual Descriptors and a Decision-Tree. IEEE 7th International Conference on Multimedia & Expo (ICME 2006), Toronto/ Canada. R. Glasberg, C. Tas, and T. Sikora, 2006.

Content Based Multimedia Analysis. Technical Meeting of K-Space EU-Network of Excellence, Amsterdam/ Netherlands, 2006.

Knowledge Space for automatic annotation and retrieval of multimedia content. General Meeting of K-Space EU-Network of Excellence, London/ UK, 2006.

Cartoon-Recognition using Video & Audio Descriptors. EUSIPCO, Antalya/ Turkey. R. Glasberg, A. Samour, K. Elazouzi, and T. Sikora, 2005.

Cartoon-Detection using Visual Descriptors and ML-Perceptron. WIAMIS "Workshop Image Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services", Montreux/ CH. R. Glasberg, K. Elazouzi and T. Sikora, 2005.

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Video-Genre-Classification II. General Meeting of VISNET European Network of Excellence, Lausanne/ CH, 2005.

Multimodal Analysis. Technical Meeting of 3D TV European Network of Excellence, Berlin, 2004.

Video-Genre-Classification I. General Meeting of VISNET European Network of Excellence, Berlin/ D, 2004.