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Ognyan Seizov

Research Associate

in the DFG-funded project "The ABC of Online Disclosure Duties: Towards a More Uniform Assessment of the Transparency of Consumer Information in Europe"

Room H816

Telephone: +49(0)30 374 374 421

Fax: +49(0)30 374 374 375

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Short CV

Since 2017: Research Associate (Postdoc) at SRH Hochschule Berlin

2015: Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Comparative Media Studies/Writing, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

2014 – 2016: Research Associate (Postdoc) in the individual research project “Multimodal Production and Reception Online” (Excellence Initiative) at the University of Bremen.

2013 – 2014: Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow, Research Center “Visual Communication & Expertise”, Jacobs University Bremen

2011 – 2013: Doctoral candidate in Communication Science, Jacobs University Bremen

2008 – 2011: Research Associate in the project “Visual – Film – Discourse: A Novel Integrated Approach”, Jacobs University Bremen / Universität Bremen (funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Science)

2003 – 2008: University studies (B.A., M.A.) in Integrated Social Sciences & International Communication, Jacobs University Bremen

Research Foci

  • political communication online
  • media production and reception
  • multimodality
  • qualitative and quantitative content analysis

Selected Research Projects

"The ABC of Online Disclosure Duties: Towards a More Uniform Assessment of the Transparency of Consumer Information in Europe"

This research aims to develop European guidelines that NEA should apply to uniformly assess the transparency of disclosures. This will allow businesses across the EU to standardise and simplify their disclosures and inform consumers more effectively. Our research team will draft these guidelines on the basis of insights gained from conducting:

- comparative legal research illustrating when a given disclosure is currently assessed as transparent by NEA;

- empirical legal research determining the desired and applied criteria for the transparency’s assessment.

„Multimodal Production & Reception Online“

This project makes the first step towards better understanding online media production and reception processes by categorizing their instances in terms of both structure and function. The main goal of the project is to study specific multimodal expression patterns in political blog content, cluster similar communication artifacts into production-reception types, and then test this clustering through an audience reception study. This is an innovative research effort in terms of its multimodal approach and novel scientific focus, and it addresses a phenomenon of growing social and political significance. Shedding light on prosumer-led multimodal communication online benefits all involved parties, prosumers themselves included.


Journal articles / special issues

Bateman, J., Tseng, C., Seizov, O., Jacobs, A., Lüdtke, A., Müller, M.G., & Herzog, O. (2016). Toward next generation visual archives: Image, film and discourse. Visual Studies, 31(2), 131–154.

Müller, M.G., Bateman, J., & Seizov, O. (guest eds.) (2016). Special journal issue: “Visual Archives in the Digital Age.” Visual Studies, 31(2).

Seizov, O. (2016). News literacy in the digital age: Challenges and opportunities. Journalism Education, 5(1), 170 – 183.

Seizov, O. (2015). Communicative and persuasive strategies in the Bulgarian parliamentary elections 2014: A multimodal analysis. International Journal of E-Politics, 6(2), 43 – 68.

Müller, M.G., Oezcan, E., & Seizov, O. (2009). Dangerous depictions: A visual case study of contemporary cartoon controversies. Popular Communication, 7(1), 28 – 39.


Seizov, O. & Wildfeuer, J. (eds.) (2017). New studies in multimodality: Conceptual and methodological elaborations. London/New York: Bloomsbury.

Seizov, O. (2014). Political communication online: Structures, functions, and challenges. New York: Routledge.

Chapters in edited volumes

Seizov, O. (2018). “Visual and multimodal strategies in war reporting: A comparison of Der Spiegel’s and CNN’s online representations of three military conflicts.” In S. Ibrahim & T. Knieper (eds.), The visual politics of war (pp. 26 – 48). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Seizov, O. (2017). “Professionalization and intentional disengagement: Facebook campaigning in the Bulgarian local elections in 2015.” In P. Surowiec & V. Stetka (eds.), Social media and politics in Central and Eastern Europe (pp. 101 – 120). New York/London: Routledge.

Seizov, O. (2015). “Spotlight on the image: Adding the missing piece to the multimodal puzzle.” In J. Wildfeuer (ed.), Building bridges for multimodal research. International perspectives on theories and practices of multimodal analysis (pp. 97 – 116). Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.

Seizov, O. & Müller, M.G. (2015). “Multimodal online strategies in the US Presidential Election 2012: A content analysis of Barack Obama’s and Mitt Romney’s online campaigns.” In C. Bieber & K. Kamps (eds.), The United States Presidential Election 2012. Perspectives from election studies, political and communication sciences (pp. 331 – 361). Berlin: Springer.

Müller, M.G., Seizov, O., & Wiencek, F. (2012). “Amok visuals: Analyzing visual media coverage of amok school shootings – a novel iconographic approach.” In G. Muschert & J. Sumiala (eds.), School shootings: Mediatized violence in a global age (pp. 119 – 141). London: Emerald.