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Our University Faculty & Team Wulf, Alexander J.

Prof. Dr.
Alexander J. Wulf


of Business Law

Room H.810

Telephone: +49 30 374 374 -420

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Short CV

Research, Teaching
and Visiting Positions
2016 - 2017 Bucerius Law School
2016West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences
2015 - 2017 University of Hamburg, Institute of Law and Economics
2011 - 2012University of Oxford, Institute of European and Comparative Law, Research project:
"The Use of Optional Instruments in European Contract Law"
2009Kyoto University, Global Center of Excellence, Research project:
"Risk-Taking Behaviour and Management Liability in Japan"

Research Grants and
Research Awards
2017 - 2020"The ABC of Online Disclosure Duties. Towards Better Informed Consumers",
funded by DFG Germany and NWO Netherlands, together with Prof. Dr. Joasia Luzak
2016"The Law and Economics of International Trade Law", funded by the Global Initiative
for Academic Networks, together with Prof. Vaneeta Patnaik
2016SRH Hochschule Berlin, research excellence award
2015Association of Naumann Foundation Scholarship Holders and Alumni,
Award for doctoral thesis
2015SRH Hochschule Berlin, teaching excellence award
2011The Use of Optional Instrument in European Contract Law,
funded by the Nuffield Foundation, together with Prof. Dr. Stefan Vogenauer
Educational Background
2009 - 2013 Bucerius Law School, Doctor of Law
2007 - 2008London School of Economics, Master of Science in Social Research Methods
2006 - 2007 Bucerius Law School / WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, Master of Law and Business
2003 - 2006SRH Hochschule Berlin, B.A. Business Administration
Professional Activities & Affiliations

Treasurer of the German Law and Economics Association
Honorary Appointment at a German District Court

MembershipsAcademy of Legal Studies in Business, European Association of Law & Economics, Society for Empirical Legal Studies, German Association for Law and Society, German Economic Association, German Law and Economics Association

Selected Publications


Wulf, A. J. Institutional Competition between Optional Codes in European Contract Law. A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis. Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler, 2014, 1-328

Wulf, A. J. Risk and Happiness. An Investigation of the Social and Legal Norms Governing Risk-Taking and Innovative Behaviour. A Study on Japanese Businessmen. Kyoto: Kyoto University Global Center of Excellence, 2011, 1-120.

Wulf, A. J. Brauchen Innovationen Schutzrechte. Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel der Modeindustrie. Berlin: Logos, 2006, 1-64.

Journal Articles 


Voigt, S. & Wulf, A. J. "What Makes Prosecutors Independent? Analyzing the Determinants of the Independence of Prosecutors", Journal of Institutional Economics, forthcoming.

Wulf, A. J. "Law as Part of Managerial Skills. Reform Proposals for Teaching Law to Business Administration and Economics Students", (English version of "Rechtskompetenz als Teil unternehmerischer Führungsqualität"), Asian Journal of Legal Education, 3, 2016 (2), 1-15.

Babaoglu, B. & Wulf, A. J. "Decriminalizing the Issuance of Bad Checks in Turkey. An Analysis of the Effects of Changes in Penalties", European Journal of Law and Economics, 42, 2016 (1), 5-23.

Wulf, A. J. "Rechtskompetenz als Teil unternehmerischer Führungsqualität. Reformvorschläge für ein Studium des Rechts in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften", Zeitschrift für Didaktik der Rechtswissenschaft, 2, 2015 (1), 20-40.

Schäfer, H.-B. & Wulf, A. J. "Jurists, Clerics and Merchants. The Rise of Learned Law in Medieval Europe and its Impact on Economic Growth", Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 11, 2014 (2), 266-300. 

Wulf, A. J. "Institutional Competition of Optional Codes in European Contract Law"European Journal of Law and Economics, 38, 2014 (1), 139-162.

Non Peer-Reviewed

Wulf, A. J. "The Contribution of Empirical Research to Law", Journal Jurisprudence, 29, 2016, 29-49.

Schäfer, H.-B. & Wulf, A. J. "Juristas, clérigos y mercaderes. El ascenso del derecho escolástico en la Europa medieval y su impacto en el crecimiento económico" (Spanish version of "Jurists, Clerics and Merchants"), Criterio Jurídico, 15, 2015 (1), 105-167.

Wulf, A. J. "Uncertainty as a Challenge for Leadership. The Effect of Cultural, Social and Legal Institutions on Risk-Taking and Innovation in Family Businesses", Paragrana, 24, 2015 (1), 80-93.

Schäfer, H.-B. & Wulf, A. J. "Wie der Aufstieg des gelehrten Rechts im Mittelalter den wirtschaftlichen Aufstieg Europas beförderte. Eine empirische Untersuchung" (German version of "Jurists, Clerics and Merchants", see above), Bucerius Law Journal, 2014 (1), 52-70.

Wulf, A. J. "Well-Being and Risk-Taking Behaviour. A Case Study of Employee Well-Being Policies in Corporate Japan",Paragrana, 22, 2013 (1), 293-306.

Book Chapters and Other Publications 

Wulf, A. J. "Who would Use the Common European Sales Law? An Empirical Analysis of Consumer Cross-Border Contracts in the European Internal Market", Polish Yearbook of Law & Economics, 6, 2016, 31-50.

Wulf, A. J. "Führungsstile in Familienunternehmen. Wie rechtliche, ethische und kulturelle Normen die Risikoeinstellung von Managern prägen" (revised, German version of "Uncertainty as a Challenge for Leadership"), in: Schultze-Seehof, D. and Winterberg, J. (eds.). Herausforderung Management. Heidelberg: Heidelberger Hochschulverlag, 2016, 32-48.

Wulf, A. J. "Risk-Taking and Entrepreneurship in India. Implications of Social and Cultural Norms for Poverty Alleviation Policies", in: Clemens, I. and Sarrukai, S. et al. (eds.). Exploring Alterity in a Globalized World. New Delhi: Routledge, 2015, forthcoming.

Wulf, A. J. "Privatizing Law-Making. An Economic Analysis of Non-Governmental Law-Making in the Field of Contract Law", in: Knoke, M. and Merk, J. et al. (eds.). Das Publicness-Puzzle. Öffentliche Aufgabenerfüllung zwischen Staat und Markt. Berlin: BWV, 2014, 401-410.

Wulf, A. J. "Empirical Analysis", in: Backhaus, J. (ed.). Encyclopedia of Law and Economics. Berlin: Springer, 2014, 1-8.

Wulf, A. J. "Global Perspectives on Risk Taking Behaviour. Using Focused Ethnography to Study Managerial Behaviour", in: Suzuki , S. & Yamana, J. (eds.). Proceedings of the Conference on Research Opportunities for Ethnomethodology. Kyoto:Kyoto University, 2013, 126-127.

Wulf, A. J. "An Evaluation of some Critical Points in the European Commission's Impact Assessment accompanying the Proposal for a Regulation on a Common European Sales Law", in: Ministry of Justice (United Kingdom) (ed.). Responses to the Call for Evidence on the Common European Sales Law. London: Ministry of Justice, 2012, 1-2.

Wulf, A. J. "Case Decisions on the 'Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR)'", in: International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (ed.). Unilaw Data Base. Rome: International Institute for the Unification of Private Law, 2010.

Wulf, A. J. "A Comparative Approach to the Protection of Fashion Innovations" in: Centre for Law & Technology (ed.). Law & Technology Scholarship Paper Series. Berkeley: UC Berkeley Recent Work, 2007, 1-25. Reprinted in: Sen, S. (ed.). The Fashion Industry. Emerging Trends and Issues. Hyderabad: ICFAI University Press, 2008, 74-100.