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Intercultural, Interactive and Creative

As part of the Diversity Training Programme, we will offer a great variety of events. These are intended to be an opportunity for our master students to expand their knowledge on different topics that range from culture and different lifestyles to discrimination and minorities. 

Upcoming programme: what we have planned for academic year 2018/19

Discover Germany

  • Bremen & Worpswede 
    Located in the northern part of Germany and listed as UNESCO World Heritage town, Bremen is a majort port city on the Weser river. Not too far away, Worspwede, the "Village of art", is home to an impressive art history and beautiful landscapes. (Weekend excursion)
  • Görlitz 
    One city, two countries. From Germany to Poland just by crossing a bridge. Görlitz has been a set for many hollywood movies, with its old town buildings and hall church. (Day trip)
  • Weimar 
    A small city in eastern Germany, former home to many philosophers and poets and to the Bauhaus art school. A train ride away a piece of German history: the Buchenwald concentration camp. (Weekend excursion)

Discover Berlin

  • Refugee Tour 
    An alternative tour through the streets of Berlin guided by the voice of Syrian refugees
  • Jewish Museum 
    An insight in the political and sometimes violent conflicts in and around the city of Jerusalem during the nineteenth and twentieth century

Moments captured on camera