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Intercultural, Interactive and Creative

As part of the Diversity Training Programme, we will offer a great variety of events. These are intended to be an opportunity for our master students to expand their knowledge on different topics that range from culture and different lifestyles to discrimination and minorities. 

Programme: what we have planned throughout the year


  • Anti-Racism Workshop on July 21 & 23.

Given the current international interest in Anti-Racism issues - also widely discussed all over Germany – we designed an interactive and engaging Anti-Racism Workshop for you. You will both broaden your personal intercultural competence and gain an asset helpful for an international career in a multicultural team. Strengthening your awareness of racial issues enables you to function effectively across cultures and communicate, study and work with people from different backgrounds – at home and abroad. The workshop will be held in English.

Thus, the communicative Anti-Racism Workshop will touch upon the following concepts and topics:

  • The first part on Tuesday, July 21, from 6 to 9 PM will focus on racism and identity. Major goal here is to familiarize ourselves with the topic by understanding racial concepts and learning how to change perspectives.
  • During the second part on Thursday, July 23, from 6 to 9 PM, we will delve in more thematically and discuss Germany's Colonial Past as well as the current representation of BPoC in the German Media.

In order to count as a Diversity Training for your Diversity Certificate, participation is required on both days. As a bonus to the immediate learning results, we will provide you with a bibliography and a link list for further reading.

If we have peaked your interest, please enrol by Friday, July 17.

Capacity is limited to 30 students and places will be given on a first come, first serve basis.

Register via this link or send an email to 


  • Workshop "In somebody else´s shoes"
    Interactive simulation aimed to experience the daily life decision making process under a dictatorship or in a conflict land.
  • Workshop "Dealing with diversity"
    How to handle different situations in a working context and methods to improve teamwork.
  • Diversity Day
    Actively experience diversity showing how to overcome stereotypes.


  • Bremen & Worpswede
    Located in the northern part of Germany and listed as UNESCO World Heritage town, Bremen is a majort port city on the Weser river. Not too far away, Worspwede, the "Village of art", is home to an impressive art history and beautiful landscapes. (Weekend excursion)
  • Görlitz
    One city, two countries. From Germany to Poland just by crossing a bridge. Görlitz has been a set for many hollywood movies, with its old town buildings and hall church. (Day trip)
  • Weimar
    A small city in eastern Germany, former home to many philosophers and poets and to the Bauhaus art school. A train ride away a piece of German history: the Buchenwald concentration camp. (Weekend excursion)
  • Jewish Museum
    An insight in the political and sometimes violent conflicts in and around the city of Jerusalem during the nineteenth and twentieth century Spreewald A different view and take on nature. In this place we do not only experience a different side of Germany's spectrum but we are able to interact with nature through different teambuilding activities.

Discover Germany I Bremen & Worpswede

The first weekend excursion in the new academic year was a great success. We started off with a workshop held by the “Centre for intercultural management & diversity” at the Hochschule Bremen, where we received insight in what diversity management means, to then proceed in discovering Bremen´s history strolling down its narrow streets. On day two we picked up brushes and paint and took part in a creative workshop in an art school in Worpswede, small town famous for its art-focused lifestyle during the early´900. Throughout the weekend we enjoyed spending time together, eating typical German food and, of course, tasting the local beer.



 "It was great! We spent time, discussed and explired together. This event made us closer to each other and we had a great time together. I will not miss the next trip for sure!" | Ekachai, Exchange student from Thailand

"The first diversity excursion to Bremen and Worpswede was amazing, we did learnt a lot about diversity, creativity and had enough time to get to know each other and do some things on our own" | François, International Management student from France

"It really was an amazing yet completely unexpected diversity trip. Apart from the usual diversity seminars and workshops that was expected at Hochschule Bremen, the chance of exploring the creativeness and the historical culture of Worspede and Bremen by interacting with the locals and the artists themselves, it was really an unexpected way to learn the culture of typical Germans" | Monisha, International Management student from India



Discover Germany II Weimar

It was a golden November in Weimar for SRH students and staff. First on the schedule was a guided tour of the city, which allowed us to get familiar with the main sights. The following day we dealt with an important chapter of German history by visiting the concentration camp in Buchenwald, a few kilometers outside Weimar. We returned to the city just in time to start an alternative discovery of Weimar through an ipad rallye. Sunday was dedicated to uncover treasures in the Amalia Library (UNESCO World Heritage site) and to a walk through the park, before taking the train back to Berlin. Fun (and loud) ingredient of the trip was the “Pizza & Games” evening in the hostel, where we had the chance to play different games, learn from each other and to try the typical local “Eierlikör”!

Moments captured on camera

Language Courses Great Variety for Master Students

As part of your Diversity Programme you are able to enjoy from a wide variety of language courses without any extra fee. The goal is to broaden your language gaps through our great options from Spanish, German, French and more workshops throughout semesters.

To register click here