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Our University Services & Facilities SRH Start-up Lab Berlin

The START-UP LAB of our Berlin SRH universities

SRH Start-up Lab Berlin: Put your ideas into action!

The SRH Start-up Lab of the Berlin SRH universities is an area to meet up, to exchange ideas, to experiment, to work, to study, to relax and to party. It supports our students in developing their entrepreneurial personalities. Meet our founders here and get inspired by their business ideas.

The Lab is equipped with workstations, whiteboards and wifi and is open to our Berlin and Dresden students and all students of SRH Hochschule der populären Künste (hdpk) and design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design.

Aside from talks, workshops, meetups and other events, the lab offers advice on all stages of the company founding process.

We are pleased that from 19 January on we can further support our students in finding their entrepreneurial future!

Future Events at the SRH Start-up Lab 2018


Fantastic WorkingWorlds
How will your work look like in the future? What happens when no one is forced to work anymore, but only those work who want to do so? What happens when either all work is remunerated or when it is no longer necessary to work for money at all? We would like to develop ideas together with you and be inspired by your visions. The playful design of an individual working scenario will be in the focus. Therefore, we invite you to participate in our workshop. We are happy to dive deeply into fiction and utopia with you!

8 March, 6-8 pmWorkshop with Carolin Scheffler and Gabriela Kapfer, Design Research Lab of UdK Berlin as part of a research project together with Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeit und Organisation and Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales. Students of all study programmes are invited to join

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15 March, 6-7.30 pm

Workshop with Shadab Malik, Entrepreneurship student. Please bring your laptop and sign-up here.

Dialogue (I/V)– Introduction Dialogue (literally “speaking across”) is and has been one of the most powerful tools for humans to gain knowledge and insights that transcend the limited perspective of the individual. Use the power of thinking together in a group and learn how to co-creatively broaden your understanding of a given topic. In this five-session workshop we will follow quantum physicist David Bohm and his approach to expand learning, solve tough problems, and to find out how our thinking sometimes gets in the way of understanding.12 April, 6-8 pmDr. Torben Lohmüller and Sigrid Peuker focus on how to become a better listener, speak in a way that benefits better understanding of all participants and opens up new opportunities, temporarily suspend judgement in order to get beyond our usual prejudices and assumptions I the first session you will learn about the specifics of Bohmian dialogue, what you might get out of it, when it might be helpful, and how it is conducted. The upcoming second to fifth session are structured according the four principles of Bohmian Dialogue..
Agile Basics for Students Agile methodology is mainly related to software development. Nevertheless some practices are universal and especially helpful when working in a collaborative environment. Overall the workshop is about getting an insight to leadership skills in a global environment. Students or academics in general profit from it when working in project groups or research teams. One can learn how to contribute by being fair and transparent, break the projects into tasks, track them to closure and help the others to expedit on their tasks.19 April, 6-8 pmRaja Kanuri, Scrum Master and currently MBA student at SRH Hochschule Berlin
Dialogue (II/V) – Listening 3 May, 6-8 pmDr. Torben Lohmüller and Sigrid Peuker
Develop Entrepreneurial Habits -> cancelled14 May, 6-8 pmChristoph Speckmann, Sigrid Peuker
Dialogue (III/V) - Voicing31 May, 6-8 pmDr. Torben Lohmüller and Sigrid Peuker
Vortrag „Wie gründe ich eine GmbH/UG“ (German language) Im Workshop werden wichtige organisationsrechtliche Fragestellungen und Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten behandelt. Dazu gehören insbesondere - Die wichtigsten Regelungen in der Ausgestaltung des Gesellschaftsvertrages (der Satzung) - Die Rechtsverhältnisse zwischen der Gesellschaft, den Organen und Beteiligten (Geschäftsführer, Gesellschafter, Gesellschafterversammlung, Aufsichtsrat, Beirat, Kapitalgeber, …) - Die Dienstverträge der Geschäftsführer und Beteiligungsverträge der Kapitalgeber. Der Workshop richtet sich an alle Entrepreneure, die sich informieren möchten, ob diese Rechtsform für sie in Frage kommt.7 June, 6-8 pm Oliver Richter, Ass. Jur., Geschäftsführer Interconomy GmbH
Do you have a business idea or a start-up? Do you want to meet and connect with people from the startup-scene in Berlin? Startup-Heinz invites you to a special networking event with free beer to share your ideas and experiences. Meet new people with the same mindset!
20 June, 6-8.30 pm Tino Schmutzler (Entrepreneurship student at SRH Hochschule Berlin) aka Startup-Heinz. Sign-up HERE.
Dialogue (IV/V) – Respecting21 June, 6-8 pmDr. Torben Lohmüller and Sigrid Peuker
Matchbase – The pitfalls of founding a mobile tech startup28 June, 6-8 pmJonas Baum, Alumnus SRH IM
Dialogue (V/V) – Suspending12 July, 6-8 pmDr. Torben Lohmüller and Sigrid Peuker

Our Philosophy

The lab provides a service for students, lecturers and their cooperation partners. It is a learning institution that puts a special emphasis on student collaboration.

All our activities are carried out with an entrepreneurial mindset: we design our offers creatively, we experiment and we draw conclusions from our results, revise and repeat. We do this because we want to offer our students and alumni the help they need.

Our students do not only get an academic education and work experience during their studies, but also the support to work like an entrepreneur and to develop innovations. It enables them to start their own business and it increases their employability.



Opening Ceremony on 19 January 2017

Get to know our Entrepreneurship alumni three founders - three industries - three inspiring stories

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