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What’s up at our SRH Start-Up Lab Berlin?

25 September 2019 | Smart & Green on stage, the forward-thinking event where smart ideas meet motivation and interest by Philip Wefelnberg

With the main topic of eco-innovation and green economy, the event kicked off at the Startup Lab at SRH Berlin on Thursday the 25th of September.

A place that couldn’t be more suitable. Every day at the startup lab, creative people discuss and brainstorm their ideas and enable each other to shape their future. A perfect environment for Startupper’s of every stage presenting their ideas, raising awareness and engaging with the audience. Out of 125 applications, the hosts talenteco – – chose 8 founders to pitch and persuade. Berlin Startup School – –, founded by an SRH alumnus, acted as co-host.

The variety of ideas was overwhelming, from smart streets which generate profit, an authentic tourist experience to circular-economy ideas like recycled apparel to a socially responsible drink and natural based cosmetics to a simple gum wall that aims to prevent people from throwing their gums everywhere they walk. Inspiring people brought their ideas to life and visualized a future for that we would like to go all in for. Investors mingled with the startups and the audience.

After 8 pitches, the concept of the evening was completed by a company named Cavolo Nero who were in charge of the catering and served authentic and healthy Mediterranean food. The buffet gave everybody the possibility to chat, exchange and Network.

To sum up, here is a list of the participants websites that you can and should check out:

1 July 2019 | Asteroid Berlin (formerly Start-up Lab Community) | What is the Community about?

Asteroid Berlin, formerly called Start-up Lab Community, was founded by Amirali Afshar, one of our master of Entrepreneurship students, supported by his team of other students coming from our different programs. The result is a very diversified team, with lots of different backgrounds, leading to a very rich vision they share and carry together.

Their aim is to gather the students and allow them to connect together in the space they create for them. The team is always looking for iconic places in Berlin to bring the members, or for secret locations they would love to share with them.

They started by doing workshops about Entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, public speaking… Recently, they decided to listen to their members and offer them a space to have fun, discover the city, meet other students from SRH Hochschule Berlin, our sister universities (HdpK and Design Akademie) as well as from other universities in Berlin. They focus on offering great time to their members and make sure they feel great when participating in their gathering.

If you are a student in Berlin yourself and want to join them, or wish simply to know more about their work, click here to go on their website.

25 May 2019 | Start-up Lab Community | Stand up, speak out! – Presentation and pitching workshop

The Start-up Lab Community, founded by Amirali Afshar, one of our students in Master Entrepreneurship, hosted their workshop “Stand up, speak out!” this Saturday during our open day at the university.

The participants had the opportunitiy to pitch in front of others, but before that, they were introduced to the rules of a proper pitch deck, as well as to the main keys to have in mind to create the best looking and relevant slides possible for their presentations in order to catch and maintain the peoples’ attention on themselves and the message they want to transmit, but also how to speak in front of a crowd, to adapt to the different types of audiences, like co-students, co-workers, investors etc.

A.Afshar pointed out during the presentation that “your goal is to transmit the message from your brain to their brains, ideally in the same place in theirs that it is in yours”.  After giving this main rules to the participants, they actually went one by one in front of everyone to pitch their idea and receive feedbacks. The event was such a success that the Start-up Lab Community decided to do a regular workshop out of it!

For more information, please check the website of the Start-up Lab Community

25 May 2019 | SRH Hochschule Berlin | Open House All Day – Get to know us and our students!

Potential students have the opportunity to learn more about our university and study programmes during our Open House.

This Saturday, the door of our SRH Start-up Lab Berlin was open for our visitors and full of our involved students and the representants of our different departments to welcome them and give them a tour of our projects and offers.

Ann-Sophie Brunn, the vice-president of our Students' Union, was presenting their different projects and their vision. The international office and the career office were also present in our Lab, ready to give a glimpse of the support and options they give to our students. The Start-up Lab Community, founded by one of our students in Master Entrepreneurship, Amirali Afshar, was also presenting their actions to our visitors. You could also speak directly with the head of the Start-up Lab, Sigrid Peuker, who was present in the lab and ready to welcome you and answer all the Questions. 

Around noon, we had our interactive “Game On” quiz to give a glimpse to our participant of the Start-up scene in Berlin. They learned for example what a “unicorn” is (a one billion worth Start-up), as well as the main mistakes leading start-ups to fail (no market need, not listening to their customers etc.).

This Saturday ended with the “Stand-up, Speak out!” pitching and presentation event of the Start-up Lab Community, where participants got the chance to pitch their ideas in front of others, get feedbacks and improve their pitching skills!

For more information, please check the website of the Start-up Lab Community , the Instagram account of the Students Union @su_srh_berlin and of course the website of our university!

2 May 2019 | Start-up Lab Community | Emotional Intelligence – Communication in Entrepreneurship and Business

A.Afshar presenting the workshop about emotional intelligence to the members of the community.

One of our students of the Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship, Amirali Afshar, founder of the Start-up Lab Community, presented a workshop about Emotional Intelligence at our SRH Start-up Lab Berlin.

The goal of the workshop was to give a glimpse about the principles of emotional intelligence before diving into practical exercises to enhance the communication skills. The group also talked about misunderstanding and how to avoid those, in particular in professional situations, as well as building a good enterprise culture that is empowering people and helping for a better communication.

The conclusion showed that the most important in [your] business is people. They are the best and most valuable resource of any project.

For more information, please check the website of the Start-up Lab Community

30 April 2019 | Berlin Startup School | Workshop #4 – Prototyping and Minimal Viable Product

Bottle prototype of HEALTEA brought by the co-founder, Aron Murru.

Our students Constantin Schmutzler (Founder of Berlin Startup School) and Amirali Afshar (Founder of Start-up Lab Community), both students of the Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship, presented the 4th workshop of their series of event designed to help to found a company and to give the necessary tools to the participants.

Entrepreneurs have in general minimal resources and this is pushing them to be very independent, to develop several skills, but also to search for tools which would help them to work and create in an easier and faster way.

This workshop was about prototyping and MVP. The goal is to create a first version of the product or service with the minimal functionalities and aspects to minimize the costs in investment and time and be able to start to test their hypothesis about the potential market and target group. They presented several tools and the principle of feedback sheets to push the audience to go out and get their product/service tested!

They were supported by one of the co-founders of HEALTEA, Aron Murru, which is offering a drink made from hibiscus tea, without sugar, vegan and organic as well as environmentally friendly (no packaging waste).

For more information, please check the website of