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Berlin School of Popular Arts - Inspiring events creating a global community
Inspiring events creating a global community

Heiko Ritt: concise and sententious


With passion and personality and without wasting time, we create monthly events and talks about relevant and up to date topics comprised of high quality content, lively discussions and a 12minute beat:

12minutes talk. 12minutes discussion. 12minutes networking. In this order, in three rounds, before the rest of the evening is spent enjoying free drinks, easy networking and engaging conversation. is the non-profit-platform for everyone with an open mind, for everyone who wants to inspire and be inspired, for everyone who wants to connect face to face. grew into a phenomenon that reaches a community of over 15.000 people and successfully connects new and old economy. We are currently expanding to other European countries.

Our events in Berlin: Monthly IGNITE TALKS @Factory & SAP Berlin, 12min.MOVE (mobility & infrastructure) @VW Drive., 12min.SMART (education) @SRH Berlin and a Start Up Slam @ Mindspace Berlin.

You can also find us in: Hamburg, Munich, Hannover, Stuttgart, Rostock, Düsseldorf, Nürnberg, Heidelberg/Mannheim, Budapest And soon in: Frankfurt, Mainz, Amsterdam, Copenhagen,...

Story was founded 2013 in Hamburg as a reaction to boring & uninspiring business events. In only 3 years the events expanded to cities all over Germany with plans to expand all over Europe and the ambition to be a global event series by 2019.

Me and a small team founded Berlin in Dec. 2015 and within a few months grew into the fastest growing regular business event in Berlin.


Since the team works 100% voluntarily and we offer free entry and free drinks to our guests we depend on partners and proactive team members. At the moment we are looking for: team members with a focus on video and photo, team members for a new event with a focus on music and arts and financial support to cover costs like communication & marketing and the development of an online plattform for videos, podcasts and the community.




Our contact

M.A. Sigrid Peuker

University Administration

Leiterin SRH Start-up Lab Berlin, Dozentin im Studiengang Entrepreneurship
Room H002
Telephone +49(0)30 374 374 200
Fax +49(0)30 374 374 375
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