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High Fidelity takes the shape of musical instruments

Justin Christopher Byrum: Sound Harmony


The Perfect harmony Series features a total of eight types of loudspeakers available as both passive and active units. The idea behind the brand derives from the lack of functional design in modern loudspeaker systems. This gap is filled by not only offering functional design, but design that is very recognizable and timeless.


Big speakers and heavy amplifiers has been one of my passions since I was a little boy. I started building my own speakers by the age of 12. Later I discovered my affinity for design. After a few years at university, I decided to combine my passions and founded aurafect.

At the start I just cared about the design. I wanted someone to walk into a room full of expensive speakers and notice mine first. After building a few prototypes and learning about sound along the way I decided to make them sound as good as they look by taking advantage of the shape I chose. The results is… well…listen for yourselves.


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