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Video Games

Kilian Kunst: Real-world ownership of digital itemry


Traction: Within three days after release, we already had sales of our first card of $2000 and constantly come out with new ones.

Mission: We provide gamers with real ownership of their ingame items by implementing blockchain technology within our video games.

Business Description: Our first game is Age of Chains, a trading card based video game that plays in a cosmic setting, billions of years in the future at the t ime where our galaxy collides with the Andromeda galaxy.

Company Background: Since the 90s, Kilian has been a passionate gamer with huge interest in internet technology. Since years, his interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies led him to find a solution for a problem that this new technology can solve: Real ownership of digital itemry in video games.

Team: Besides myself as a CEO, our team consists of an amazing Lead Game Designer who has dedicated his life towards card games. We currently are building the technical development side of our team and have numerous applications from highly qualified candidates.


Pivoted from a startup that helps video game developers drive attention to their game by connecting them to video gaming focused YouTube creators who would present in a contest-style format different video games on their YouTube channel, into a startup enabling blockchain technology within the video gaming industry.


Angel Investors: Being part of the exclusive FounderX Founder Institute program, we are in the process of securing our initial fundraising round of €500.000. If you are a business angel interested in learning more about us, I am happy to hear from you.