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brot & salz - Brand Communication

brot & salz

Hannes Dorrer & Teferie-Amenu Tafesse: "Ein neues Zuhause für Ihre Marke"


We are an agency for brand communications based in Berlin. brot & salz is German for bread and salt, an internationally emblematic tradition - a gift for someone who has just moved into a new home. This is the core competence of our agency. We accompany brands along their surge into new markets and business environments with our signature graphic style and straight forward textual expressiveness.


  • Agency founded in 2015
  • Big Events
  • Prominent Projects
  • Passion for Quality
  • Attention to Detail


  • How to find an organic and healthy way to work and grow
  • Looking for Media Professionals and Marketers


Our contact

M.A. Sigrid Peuker

University Administration

Leiterin SRH Start-up Lab Berlin, Dozentin im Studiengang Entrepreneurship
Room H002
Telephone +49(0)30 374 374 200
Fax +49(0)30 374 374 375
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