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The first stopshop for listing, connecting & trading

Bockarie Sama Banya, Moses Aquah, Obadamilola Owoyele: Creating synergy - entrepreneurialwise between Africa and the rest of the world


Dukanii is a Kishwahili word for shop or store hence the idea of a one-stop shop. We are an online classified website focusing on listing all types of organizations, services, products, places and events. We want to list Organizations like Humanitarian and other charity organizations, NGOs generally and other organizations. Products ranging from automobile, farm tractors, to food, clothing, cattle, and other agricultural products, beverages, etc.

Places such as attractions, shopping malls, museums, etc. Services ranging from financial to legal to consultancy to media to teaching and health care, etc. We want to list all events be they conferences, weddings, parties, etc. The objective is to become a global brand and create that synergy; entrepreneurial wise between Africa and the rest of the world. Dukanii has subscribers from across the world including but not limited to Germany, Finland, Hong Kong, United States of America, United Kingdom, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Mexico, Sudan, Rwanda, Nigeria, Guinea, Egypt, etc.

We are three Co-Founders; Bockarie Sama Banya, Moses Acquah and Obadamilola Owoyele from Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria respectively.


With 15 years in Military (Retired Major) and security experience at home and abroad, he has verse working knowledge about Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan to name but a few. Sama decided he wanted a change of career direction as he and his wife raised their young family. He relocated to Western Europe and enrolled in a master‘s program in entrepreneurship master program at SRH Hochschule Berlin. Sama runs a platform to connect entrepreneurs and innovators, ideas, products, services, and investors with their counterparts from across the globe more than 13k members and counting – Entrepreneurs Connect.

He is also a meetup organizer with more than 6 months experience. As a co-founder of Afrolynk he was co-organizer for the first African Tech Entrepreneurship Conference held in Berlin on 23rd November 2016. Afrolynk is a tech entrepreneurship space that connects startups and businesses focusing on Africa and/or wanting to expand into the African market. He is Co-Founder and CEO for Dukanii, a 1-stop shop for listing Organizations, products, services, events and places. Bockarie Sama Banya holds a bachelor‘ s degree in Information Systems from the University of Sierra Leone and an MBA in Management Consultancy from the University of Wales.


We need support in listing as many organizations, products, services, events and places in addition to individual sign ups.