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Find some Buddy

Sebastian Melz: Find Online - Play Offline


FSB helps you to always find suitable sports partners, find public venues and book the closest available private venue wherever you are and whenever you want!

Find Some Buddy is a platform that helps you to overcome the obstacle of not finding appropriate sports partners and venues. Very often you are new to a place or none of your friends are available when you are!

From now on you will be able to find partners and book the closest available venue in just a couple of clicks. Within our app you are also able to add public venues and simply meet up and do your sports for free!

You can download our APP for iOS and Android in your favourite Store. If you are a sports venue, city, municipal, university or larger club that need to organise and manage their venues easier, do not hesitate to contact our partner or Seb directly.”


During my Tripartite-Studies in Prague, Berlin and Paris I encountered the problem of constantly having to establish new sports networks. Fortunately there was no solution on the market yet. Hence, I decided to devote my Master Thesis to that topic and applied the theories by forming a team, and later a company.


We are currently looking for Seed-Investment in order to properly start marketing the product.